How to File a Travel Insurance Claim

​Anyone who purchases a travel insurance policy, would rather want to avoid actually using it. However, statistics show that in the end most tourists find themselves in a situation when they have to use their policy.
​Many people would say that they like traveling, but a small number of true travel lovers looks upon it as the way and the purpose of their lives. They constantly read and explore new destinations, they are saving money for new adventures, instead of buying new clothes or modern gadgets.
The terminology used within travel insurance industry can be a bit confusing for people. This is why we decided to clear up some of the confusion by giving you a simple explanation of some of the most commonly used insurance terms.
​Let’s be honest while dreaming about our next journey one of the last things we are considering is the travel insurance. Even if we are going to a business trip, the travel insurance policies are certainly not among our priorities.
In today's blog post we point out some of the most common mistakes travelers struggle with, and how to best avoid them.
When you are pregnant, some of the things you want to do are usually prohibited. Long-desired vacation should not be one of them, provided that you feel well. If there are any medical complications or pregnancy risks, it is strongly recommended that the trip should be postponed.
You never know what could happen during your trip. Unfortunately, unforeseen and uncontrollable events cannot be predicted and that is why you should consider obtaining travel insurance for your trip. Also, travel insurance is worth considering if you want to avoid unexpected expenses.
A short stay visa or (type ''C'' visa) is a document that allows you to visit any of the Schengen Area countries. However, with a short stay visa you cannot stay longer than 90 days in the territory of the Schengen States.
In the following text you will have the chance to read more about the main reasons for Schengen Visa refusal and how to avoid them.
If you plan to travel to any of the Schengen countries, there are few things you should know about Schengen visa.

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