Travel Facts: Travel Insurance is Mandatory in These Countries

Most of the people ignore this when travelling, and if something bad happens, they thoroughly regret not having dedicated a little more attention to it. Others do pay attention, as it is mandatory for them and there is no escape. So, what is so essential to have while travelling? Of course, travel insurance. Someone needs it; someone doesn’t, because it is not compulsory to have when going on a trip. It depends on your choice where do you want to go. It is of an essential importance to buy travel insurance for those who intend to travel in countries where travel insurance is required in order to get a visa.

A Must or A Possibility?

First of all, as probably universally known, the Schengen Countries require travel insurance. Should you go just to visit one of these 26 countries that are members of the Schengen area, or more importantly stay there for a certain amount of time, or even live, study and work there, then a travel insurance is a must. However, as the bureaucracy tends to be complicated, this rule does not apply in the same way to everyone. Your home country is the crucial factor. If your country is on the list of those who need a visa to visit the Schengen area for less than 90 days or more, then a travel insurance with a minimum coverage of 30,000 EUR is mandatory. If your country is not on that list, and you intend to enter the Schengen area for less than 90 days, than a travel insurance is not mandatory. It is, however highly advisable to have one for your own safety. In addition to that, in case you are entering these countries to stay longer, for reasons of studies or work, you will need a travel insurance while you will require an entry visa for more than three months. You can check if you need a Schengen visa and therefore a travel insurance by clicking here.

Surely a Must for Some Dream Countries

On the other side, there are countries where it is a must to have travel insurance no matter where are you from. For instance, in Cuba travel insurance is mandatory. So, if you are imagining yourself laying down on some sandy and sunny beach, watching the sea, enjoying the warm weather and palms… come back just for a second into reality and think of what you need to have first in order to realize this dream. You never know what could happen while you are strolling through the city and its colorful streets admiring its charm and culture. Besides, without it, you cannot even entry your dream place. Even though it is relaxing, a danger always lurks around the corner… The attention is never enough. And what if you unexpectedly get sick? Russia shares the same view and requires a mandatory travel insurance as well. Should you want to go to see Moscow or some other part of its enormous country, mountains or sea, other cities, see some old friends or make new ones, or even learn a bit of Russian or improve your linguistic abilities, then don’t forget to buy a travel insurance. If, however, you have the desire to experiment your resistance towards extremely cold temperatures and make a new friendship with penguins, then you have to purchase one too, in order to make your adventure in Antarctica possible. Anyway, a bit of southern lights, snow, ice and ocean to experience, but also a big warning of a possible danger or sudden illness. If instead of cold places you want to go for a change, to extremely warm places, then there is Dubai in all its glamour and charm, very high buildings and five star hotels on the beach to be enjoyed. But you cannot just be in Dubai, without being in the United Arab Emirates, so travel insurance comes once again as mandatory for these countries. If Dubai is not your choice, maybe Qatar and its capital Doha could interest you with its super modern high buildings and sandy beaches, very similar to Dubai, and it seems to be the world of another planet, a little bit like in science fiction movies.

A Great Probability It Will Be Required In These Countries

And yet, there are some countries where it is not mandatory, but it will very soon be. For example, speaking of Ecuador, very shortly travel insurance will be mandatory. Should you want to see the famous Galapagos Islands or maybe travel along the Charles Darwin route, you can do it with your travel insurance. Another dream country will probably soon require it as well, Thailand. In this paradise of beautiful beaches and clear and light blue sea, place of dream and relax, where you could not wish for more than staying there forever, the law proposal has been made about mandatory travel insurance. So, if you want to make your dreams come true in the future, make a step nearer to it by getting travel insurance!

Health Is All We Have

Apart from visiting dream places for pleasure or for business, and apart from travel insurance being mandatory or not, the crucial thing you should care about is: Yourself. At any time, even if unlikely, something unexpected could indeed happen to you, and the only way to be protected from it at all times, it is to seriously consider to get an insurance. Even though in some countries it is not mandatory, it should be mandatory, because health is the most important thing in our lives. Without it, we cannot go far.

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