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Every student willing to study in Switzerland for more than three months is required to obtain health insurance that complies with the Swiss Health Insurance Act (KVG/LAMal).

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Additionaly, we provide health insurance for international students studying in Switzerland.
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Our International Health Insurance Plans

We can offer you a secure solution for all your needs.
Health insurance plans will allow you to stay in Switzerland without worry and will give you a sense of security even if an insured event occurs. 
You are not alone – we are here to help!

Comprehensive Coverage

Living or moving to another country can be complicated for many reasons until you adjust yourself to a new surrounding. It can be incredibly complicated if you need emergency medical intervention or hospital treatment. In those moments, it means a lot when you know that your health insurance plan will cover part of the incurred costs and that you can be relieved from the financial side.

Evasan offers coverage in the form of KVG/LAMal insurance. According to your needs, you can choose the insurance plan that suits you best and save your budget with guaranteed security.

Flexible Options

International health insurance Switzerland – flexible options for everyone!

We are proud to stand out in the market for health insurance plans as a company that puts the insured’s needs first. Our company has devoted almost three decades to developing services covering a wide range of insured cases, with which our clients will always feel safe. In this way, we have created flexible options for everyone – students from abroad who continue their education in Switzerland and those who visit our country as tourists.

Customized Solutions for Expatriates

As the needs of our clients are in the first place, customized solutions are what goes without saying in our business.

We understand the processes that foreign nationals go through and the importance of having health insurance because our health can be at risk at any moment. Knowing all this, we have engaged all the necessary resources to offer customized solutions for expatriates adapted to what is most needed in each segment.

What are the Benefits of Our International Health Insurance Services?

Global Coverage

With Evasan, you will find the best possible health insurance coverage.

We offer a range of insurance packages, allowing you to choose the best coverage for you, your requirements, and your budget.

24/7 Assistance

If you have any doubts or questions or want to be sure you understand everything well – you can always contact us.

Our clients consistently highlight the sense of security they experience in our partnership. This is because we are always available to provide feedback and clarify any uncertainties, and above all, we are dedicated to serving your needs.

Direct Billing with Healthcare Providers

As our client, you won’t have to worry about costs if an insured event occurs, as we handle your claims directly with healthcare providers. Depending on the selected health insurance plan, the accident will be covered quickly, so you can devote yourself to your only priority – to focus on your recovery as soon as possible.

Our Student Insurance Programs

All international students who have decided to continue their education in Switzerland are legally obliged to choose health insurance. Because many companies deal with this topic, there are numerous options on the market. The decision to select the most adequate health insurance plan for students depends on several factors, such as the insured’s age, the coverage that the insurance plan offers, or the insured’s health risks.

The advice for international students is to be very careful and detail-oriented before making decisions regarding health insurance. Health insurance is chosen once a year, and it is essential to get the best for your money.

As you search for the right health insurance plan, consider the options Evasan offers. They provide a range of student insurance plans designed to meet international students’ unique needs in Switzerland.

We can offer two options: Essential & Economic and All in One Optima. 

Both provide coverage for various treatments, such as rescue expenses and emergency dental treatments.

Our Travel and Schengen Visa Insurance Programs

Traveling is a beautiful experience, whether a business trip or a holiday. Do everything to be safe.

Avoid unplanned and expensive costs of treatment or emergency interventions abroad and prevent all these problems by choosing the most adequate health insurance plan.

Consider your unique requirements when selecting a travel insurance plan. Choose one that provides comprehensive coverage, ensuring you are fully protected in the event of an accident.

Are you planning to travel to Schengen countries?

Schengen visa insurance is mandatory if your country belongs to the Schengen area. To save time, get accurate information about the conditions you must meet to be approved for this visa and find out what Schengen visa insurance usually covers.

How can international health insurance help you in Switzerland?

Health insurance in Switzerland covers a wide range of health services, such as medical examinations, emergency medical care, and hospital treatment. Thus, the insured can easily get adequate help and have unrestricted access to hospitals and doctors who treat them without having to bear all the costs independently.

By paying premiums, insured individuals can avoid significant medical expenses and legal penalties that may be imposed for not having health insurance. This financial protection is a crucial advantage of health insurance in Switzerland.

Choose wisely and opt for an insurance company that will provide you with the best protection, with which you will be financially relieved.

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Why Choose Evasan?

We are a leading travel health insurance and assistance company based in Switzerland with over 1 million satisfied clients worldwide.

With more than 20 years in business we know exactly how to customize insurance plans to meet your individual needs, all at an affordable price.

Based in Switzerland, our multilingual Alarm and Claims Center is open 24/7/365 days of the year to answer all the questions and give clarifications to any uncertainty you may have.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

International health insurance is insurance for health services outside the borders of the insured’s home country. This type of insurance is used when going to another country, whether on a business trip, a vacation, or a temporary stay due to education or work. 

International health insurance is mandatory in Switzerland for any stay longer than three months. However, the choice of which health insurance plan to opt for is in your hands. This decision can significantly impact your health protection, so choosing a plan that fits your needs in time is important.

The coverage of services in international health insurance is extensive and refers to cases of hospital treatment, visits to the doctor, dental, or some other emergency interventions.

Application is often done online by filling out the contact form and selecting the desired insurance plan.

This includes a wide range of health services related to examinations, hospitalization and hospital treatment, dental services, maternity health services, and services that fall under the segment of emergency medical interventions and operations.

The insurance plan is approved for one year and cannot be changed during that period. After the end of that period, the insured can choose another insurance company if he needs it.

The contract between the insurance company and the insured defines the claim details. Still, the company operates globally by processing the claim for compensation submitted by the insured after the accident and paying the amount determined by the insurance plan.

Each insurance company defines a list of excluded medical treatments to which the international health insurance policy applies, but some of the global exceptions refer to aesthetic procedures and injuries caused by activities related to radioactive materials or criminal acts.

 In most cases, it is, and the coverage usually includes the cost of transportation, medical coordination, and repatriation.

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