5 Travel Apps That Should Make Your Life Easier

If the trip to your dream destination is coming closer, don’t forget that your smartphone can be a really good ally during your trips. Few days before the trip could be a good idea to download a few travel apps that can literally make your life easier and help you while visiting any city. The good news is that these apps are free of charge and available for Android and iOS. Here are five fantastic travel apps waiting to be downloaded, if you haven’t already done that.


This is surely one of the best travel apps out there. There are more than 500 million reviews and opinions of travelers and as such, it is highly estimated and trustworthy. So, what exactly does this app do? TripAdvisor literally saves your trip, because it helps you find easily the cheapest airfares, the best hotels, the best restaurants and the most fun activities, wherever your destination might be. One more awesome thing to do if you don’t want to pay any roaming during your trip is the fact that you can also download maps. Yes, maps, where you can find reviews and favorites of more than 300 cities in the world, and the best of it is that you can use these maps also while being offline. What is better than having your own map on your smartphone? The even better news is that they are actually free to download!


Another interesting app is called Moovit. This app will help you choose the right bus, tram, metro or train in your city of destination. It covers more than 1800 cities all over the world. Travelers can find updated timetables and, when available, real waiting times based on the GPS position of the active vehicles on the line. You’ll find the stops closest to you, step-by-step directions like on a navigator, notifications of when it’s time to get off, and all that’s necessary for a peaceful trip. That’s why Moovit has been named among the best apps in 2016 and 2017 respectively by Google Play and the App Store.

Google Trips

This is the app that you are looking for if you want your trip to be perfectly planned. For hundreds of popular destinations around the world, daily itineraries are available and can be customized to suit your interests and the time available to your visit. Discover the popular attractions nearby, opening hours, reviews and ratings of the other travelers. You are not connected to the internet? No fear. Google Trips is available offline, so you can access the data you need at any moment.


Here comes another useful app to be downloaded. If you are going to travel in a foreign country where obviously a foreign language is spoken, it could be useful to have with you a dictionary app. However, this is not a simple dictionary, because unlike many other applications of this kind, this one allows you to have 51 language combinations and you can use it offline. This is always a great thing when you are in roaming. You can download the vocabulary you need for your trip at home and then use it as many times as you wish during your visit to your desired destination. Not only is the app free of charge, but are also the vocabularies which you can download!


This app is specially meant for those who have problems while deciding what to bring on a trip. Do you always have a lot of problems when you are packing your suitcase? With PackPoint you can prepare a travel list and pack in a very efficient way. This beautiful app will help you organize everything you need to pack according to the duration of the trip, the weather conditions of the destination and the scheduled activities. Once the travel list is prepared and organized, PackPoint saves it so that it can be shared with friends and relatives who need help with packing. Follow the app recommendations and you will be surprised during your stay!

Let the Smartphone Be Your Guide

If you have downloaded all these five fantastic apps, you should have no fear or problems while you are preparing for your trip and while you are actually on a trip. We hope, that you will be satisfied with these apps and that they are going to help you as much as they helped us! For sure, a smartphone is always a must to put on the list of things to take with you and what better there is than having everything you might need placed inside it? That way, should you need any help during your trip, you’ll know where to find it! If you fear that your phone battery might not endure the constant research and taking photos, our advice is to bring a power bank always with you while exploring the city.

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