Is Student Insurance Worth it? – 2024. Guide

Switzerland, renowned for its beautiful landscapes, high life standards, and world-class education, is home to many great universities and schools.

Nestled in the heart of Europe, it has a healthcare system widely regarded as one of the best globally, with a price tag to match. Whether you are coming for education, schools, faculties or to work, know that insurance is a must-have.

Swiss insurance companies are known for their dedication to the customer privacy policy, making them the best choice for individuals who need both financial security and assurance.

In this article, we will ensure you know the details of the Swiss healthcare system and choose which company benefits you the most. Consider what you need the most as a student studying away from home. We will compare the student insurance policy providers so you can pick the best one for your needs.

Understanding the Swiss Healthcare System

Basics of the Swiss Health Insurance System in 2024

Switzerland boasts a healthcare system combining the best public and private healthcare aspects. It operates on a mandatory health insurance model, where every Swiss resident, including international students or people who travel for more than 3 months, is legally obliged to buy basic health insurance coverage.

This coverage ensures access to essential medical services and contributes to maintaining the country’s exceptional healthcare standards. Having the right insurance could save you a lot of money if you need any medical service in Switzerland.

Swiss insurance companies understand that life is a journey filled with various milestones, from completing school and college to starting a family. That’s why they offer comprehensive insurance solutions to support you every step of the way, ensuring that you and your loved ones are protected throughout life’s adventures.

Importance for International Students in Switzerland

For international students in Switzerland, health insurance is not just a personal safety; it’s a legal requirement. The country’s healthcare laws mandate that anyone residing in Switzerland for more than three months must have basic health insurance coverage.

Failure to provide evidence of insurance could result in the assignment of insurance by the state at rates that residents pay, which can be significantly higher. It also jeopardizes your long-term stay in Switzerland since there is a risk of losing the resident’s permit.

In addition to legal obligations, international students can’t underestimate the value of health insurance when studying in Switzerland. The Swiss healthcare system offers top-notch medical care but at premium prices. Student insurance ensures that you have financial security and a solution in case of unexpected medical expenses.

Benefits of Student Insurance in Switzerland

Financial Security and a Solution

One of the primary benefits of student insurance in Switzerland is the financial security and carefree mind it provides. Accidents and/or illnesses can happen anytime, from your home to the school hiking trip.

Medical care in Switzerland can cost a lot of money, especially for those without insurance. Student insurance ensures that you won’t have to take out loans for these expenses, allowing you to focus on your studies without the burden of expensive medical bills.

The health insurance premium rate can be anywhere from CHF 57 to CHF 500 monthly for international students. This may seem expensive but compared to the prices of medical services in Swiss healthcare, it is completely reasonable.    

Insurance payments are made through the premium, which we have mentioned, and the franchise. Franchise is the part of the insurance you must pay when getting a medical service/ treatment. Franchise plans range from CHF 300 to CHF 2500.

Evasan does bring a bit of a different option for the students, a more economical one. Our CHF 0 franchise plan means that you do not have to take anything from your pocket when getting a medical service.

The most you’ll have to pay in a year for medical expenses includes two parts: a set yearly amount called the “franchise” (or deductible) and the coinsurance. You must cover the cost of medical services with your own money up to the franchise amount you choose.

Continue reading for more on the terms of our plans on our site.

Access to Premium Swiss Medical Facilities

Switzerland is renowned for its high-quality medical facilities, cutting-edge technology, and skilled healthcare professionals. With student insurance, you can access these premium healthcare services without worrying about the cost.

One of the reasons why insurance is expensive compared to some other European countries is that every aspect of healthcare is at the highest level. Also, if you need medical care on site, you will be covered for the cost.

Coverage Options Tailored for International Students

Student insurance plans in Switzerland are designed with the specific needs of international students in mind. They often include coverage for various services, such as emergency medical treatment, hospitalization, medicines prescribed, and even dental and vision care, basically all medical care. These tailored plans ensure that you have comprehensive coverage that meets your healthcare needs while studying in Switzerland.

Scenarios Where Student Insurance Is Vital

Non-EU/EFTA Students in Switzerland

Non-European Union (EU) and non-European Free Trade Association (EFTA) students studying in Switzerland face specific insurance challenges. Unlike their EU/EFTA counterparts, these students may not benefit from reciprocity agreements. Student insurance becomes essential for non-EU/EFTA students to ensure compliance with Swiss law and access to necessary medical services.

Students With Chronic or Congenital Conditions

Besides compulsory coverage, students have the opportunity to acquire supplementary health insurance for extra coverage and benefits.

International students with pre-existing medical conditions sometimes may find it challenging to secure health insurance coverage. Some  insurance plans exclude pre-existing conditions or require additional premiums. Student insurance providers often offer solutions to cover these conditions during the duration of the insurance plan.

Make sure to check if the plan that you are planning to buy covers pre-existing conditions. If there is no information on their site regarding that part, make sure to contact them and not be stuck with the wrong insurance plan for a year. As mentioned above, most of the providers do cover it, but better safe than sorry.It is accurate to state that in cases where it is not explicitly specified that the insurance in question is equivalent to LAMal, the student’s application will be declined. Moreover, in instances where the purpose of the insurance was not clearly defined, the premium will not be subject to a refund.


In conclusion, student insurance is not merely a choice but an absolute must for international students pursuing their education in Switzerland. As you step into the world of the Swiss educational system, it’s imperative to understand the Swiss healthcare system and the legal obligations surrounding insurance.

For students with specific healthcare needs or pre-existing medical conditions, having the right insurance plan is essential. It offers tailored coverage that considers your unique circumstances, providing peacefulness allowing you to concentrate on your college journey.

So the best time to explore and select the insurance plan that aligns perfectly with your University/high school life, would be before coming for an academic path to Switzerland. Your health, privacy, and overall well-being should be your top priorities, ensuring that you have the essential coverage to thrive at university.

How can Evasan help?

Evasan offers plans tailored to the international students. There is an affordable monthly premium plan available (next to others) and the franchise that follows it. Unlike most other insurance providers, there is no franchise included. In case of emergency, medical care and hospitalisation, there is no cost for you, and all money comes from Evasan directly to the institution.

How to Purchase International Student Health Insurance?

Purchasing international student health insurance is a straightforward process. Most insurance providers offer online forms or contact options, making it convenient for you to apply. Fill out the necessary information, review the pricing and coverage options, and pay.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Yes, insurance is mandatory for all residents in Switzerland, including foreign students. Failure to obtain insurance within the required timeframe (within 3 months) can result in legal consequences and difficulties accessing healthcare services.

Foreign student insurance in Switzerland provides financial security, access to high-quality medical facilities, and tailored coverage options designed to meet the specific needs of international students.

Delaying the purchase of foreign student insurance can lead to legal repercussions and challenges in accessing healthcare services. After three months without insurance, students may be assigned insurance at resident rates, which can be significantly higher.

Use this to your advantage and make sure to be covered in the new country so you don’t face any inconveniences.

Yes, it’s possible to switch insurance providers while studying in Switzerland. The switch can be done once per year or at a request. If you stay less than a year, you may not have the time to find another provider. Completing your current insurance contract before making the switch is essential in both cases.

Purchasing international student health insurance is necessary when studying abroad. It’s not only about safeguarding your health but also ensuring the financial security needed to support your life away from home. Researching and comparing insurance plans is a need that cannot be overstated.

Understanding the coverage options available will help you make a well-informed decision. Be sure to check your university requirements regarding insurance, as some institutions may have specific criteria or recommended plans. Once you’ve chosen the best insurance plan worth your investment, the next step is purchasing it. This involves paying the insurance premium, which is fundamental for your financial security.

Remember that keeping all insurance-related documentation organized is essential. This includes your insurance card and policy details, as you may need to provide them when seeking medical care.

Overall, international student health insurance is not just a practical matter; first of all, it is an obligatory part of the process of receiving your stay permit and second, it’s an investment in your well-being, academic success, and stress free academic life in Switzerland.

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