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On September 14, 1995, the Federal Department of Justice and Police authorized SOS EVASAN S.A. to provide special insurance, class No.18 “Assistance” (FOSC n°5322-186), insuring the travellers according to the definition stated in the European classification of insurance risks.

The seat of the company was established in Geneva, Switzerland, a city highly symbolic for its humanitarian activities, its multicultural spirit and international nature. Initially, the activity of Evasan was focused on travellers coming from areas where the needs for assistance and insurance during displacement were traditionally present. Thus, its first markets were the European countries in transition and the Middle East states.

Thereafter, Evasan designed products intended specifically to fulfil the legal requirements of the Schengen area, which attracted new customers and provided a net competitive advantage. Evasan is now leader for Schengen visa travel insurance.

By having a world network of agents and partners, Evasan succeeded in keeping its humanitarian perspective. It enabled Evasan to always remain in close touch with its customers and to provide them with services fully considering their specific needs.

In December 2004, in order to optimize its communication network, the head office of Evasan was moved to Vich, between Lausanne and Geneva, on the shores of Lake Geneva.

Today, with more than 20 years of experience, we provide everyday support to our clients in Switzerland and abroad.

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