Student Insurance Switzerland

Having the right level of protection is crucial when you are studying abroad because you can never really say when or if an unexpected event will arise.

Swiss Studies insurance plan is a perfect solution for any foreign student planning to study in Switzerland and it offers comprehensive benefits tailored to meet the needs of undergraduate and postgraduate students, visiting scholars, interns, trainees and au pairs.

With a 24/7 available helpline and multilingual customer support, Swiss Studies is designed to keep you safe and healthy during your studies. The plan also fully complies with the basic Swiss Health Insurance Act (KVG/LAMal) which is mandatory for every person with a Swiss domicile.

You can take a look at the sections below to learn more about Swiss Studies insurance plan or you can click the red tab and fill out the application form right now.


  • No medical queries
  • A single dedicated contact person for all your questions
  • A 24h/7d helpline in 7 languages
  • Your claim processed within 48h and direct billing with the medical providers
  • A worldwide health and assistance coverage


  • Whatever your request (medical or assistance) we are available for you 24H/24, 364D/364 and can answer in 7 different languages
  • Healthcare without medical questionnaire, is compliant with the Swiss cantonal and federal laws
  • Swiss Studies insurance policy is fully compliant with the Swiss compulsory health insurance product
  • Swiss Studies insurance policy includes a worldwide assistance and repatriation cover
  • Direct payments services of prescribes drugs in Switzerland and direct settlement of hospital bills worldwide
  • Your claim processed within 48H
  • You can pay your premium either annually, half-yearly, quarterly or monthly according to your resources
  • An optical coverage up to CHF 350.- / three years
Overview of the benefits provided Extent of cover
Ambulatory treatment 100%
Treatment in hospital (inpatient care) 100%
Maternity 100%
Emergency dental treatment after accident 75%
X-ray and laboratory costs 100%
Medication and remedy 100%
Physiotherapy, logopedics and orthoptics CHF 1.000
Medical equipment 100%
Preventive and prophylactic treatment CHF 2.000
Costs for medical transport CHF 2.000
Alternative medication CHF 1.000
Vaccination CHF 600
List of benefits - Assistance (per case) Max. expenses but according to insurance policy
Search and rescue measures CHF 20.000
Evacuation/transfer and repatriation CHF 100.000
Repatriation of mortal remains CHF 15.000
Medical assistance, medical diagnosis per telephone, recommendation of local specialist doctors, dispatch of medication and urgent messages Effective expenditures
Evacuation/transfer and repatriation of other persons involved in the same case Effective expenditures
Transport of a next of kin Return flight ticket

In case of questions and communications

Who is eligible for Swiss Studies?

  • Bachelor, Master
  • PhD
  • Au pair
  • Exchange student
  • Post-Doc
  • Student's spouse and children
  • Intern
  • Research student
When does my insurance start?

Your Swiss Studies insurance starts as soon as we receive the first premium payment.

Pricing table
Premium per month* - Economic & Essentials from CHF 71
Premium per month* - All in One from CHF 90

*based on the premium payment in one time

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General informations

  • What is an "Alarm Centre"?

    Telephonic assistance facilities and intervention team comprising doctors, technicians and operators provided by Evasan to their clients and (within the frame of this contract) to those of the RVS 24/7. In case of any imminent or declared incident all insured have the obligation to contact immediately the Alarm Centre in order to notify the insurer.

  • What are the periods of cover?

    1. The effective duration of the insured person’s sojourn. Each period of cover has to be within the duration of the contract, i.e. the beginning and the end have to be included in the duration of this cover. The exact date of the beginning is laid down in the policy

    2. As to the insurance cover for travel assistance, the duration of the actual cover cannot last for more than 90 consecutive days.

  • What is an incident (claim)?

    The unintentional damagable event that occurs within the period of cover and under the conditions specified in the policy and which causes the insurer to fulfill his obligation to provide his services to the insured claimant within the legal and contractual constraints.

  • When does the risk enter the domain of health insurance coverage?

    1. A risk materialises and is considered a case for the health in- surance coverage when due to illness or accident the necessity arises to grant medical care or treatment.

    2. The risk comes into effect when the medical treatment com- mences and it ends, as soon as the indispensable medical re- sults show that further treatment is no longer necessary.

    3. Should the treatment be extended to an illness or the con- sequences of an accident and is in no causal relationship to the incident occurred, the claim will be considered a new one.

    4. Also covered is the maternity care comprising consultations, treatment and medical examinations directly related to the pregnancy and made before, during, and after the birth. Ambulatory medical exams that are prescribed by law for targeted diagnostical purposes are also assimilated to a claim.

  • What is an accident?

    Any damaging, sudden, unforeseeable and involuntary injury affecting the human body that is caused by a violent and external source which affects the physical health of the insured party and can be identified objectively.

  • What is a sudden illness?

    Any unintended negative change in health that requires profes- sional examination, treatment or medical care and which is not due to an accident or a pre-existing condition.

  • What is a pre-existing condition?

    1. Any change in health, disease, illness or infirmity, be it physical or psychological that objectively existed prior to the signature of the insurance contract and whose manifestation, consequences or complications require treatment, professional examination, tests or a medical intervention during the period of cover by the insurance.

    2. It is therefore strongly recommended that travellers undergo a thorough medical check-up at their own expense prior to take an insurance policy and to undertaking the voyage.

  • What is a hospitalisation?

    1. Admission to a hospital establishment for medical intervention for a period of at least 24 hours.

    2. A hospital establishment comprises clinics and medical units that are managed by doctors and medical staff and serve without exception sick people and people having had an accident

    3. Not comprised are wellness hotels and thermal baths, establishments for elderly people and chronically-ill as well as socialmedical and similar establishments which are not suited for the treatment of acute illness.

    4. Thermal and cure resorts are establishments that are officially recognized thermal baths/resorts. They are run as well as placed under the surveillance of a physician.

  • What is a stabilisation centre?

    The place where the insured party is taken following an incident in view to preparing for transfer or repatriation.

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