Should One Visit All the “MUST SEE” Destinations When Traveling?

Do you know anyone who visited Rome and did not enter the Coliseum, but saw it only from the outside? You must have wondered how it is possible not to enter THE Coliseum – after all, you are in Rome, it is simply a must.

The other side of the story goes somewhat similar to this: at some point you’ve probably paid a group visit to a certain town as a tourist, and in the group there have been people who before the beginning of the trip knew absolutely nothing about the town. They only went where the guide recommended them to go, without any magic of wandering and exploring the surrounding streets. You had the feeling that a lot of things are missing and asked yourself whether they didn’t have a desire to see anything more.

Travel magazines and portals are full of “must see” and “must visit” sights.

It is a fact that the more you travel, the terror of musts bothers you increasingly. The experiences and expectations are changing, forcing you to think and review all the beliefs and attitudes. Experienced travelers look upon such titles as a desire of somebody who has encountered something that he or she was thrilled and pleased with, to share it and recommend to others.

“Must see” means “I recommend it from my heart, because it fascinated me, and I believe that will fascinate you too.”

You don’t have to do absolutely anything, everything you experience during the journey worth’s EQUALLY

What is it that makes you happy during the trip? Just think about all the different people, food, nightlife, parks, historical monuments, museums, shopping and walks … It’s all worth it and it all plays a big role since you travel for your own passion, and not for the others.

If you travel to a place, you should not feel guilty to spend your days there enjoying good food and unique, traditional drinks. You will have a wonderful dining experience and get to know a new aspect of the region you’re visiting. This is by no means less important than a visit to a church, an archaeological site or a museum.

We encourage you to discover that side of the city only you will fall in love with. And leave the rest of them for the others to discover.

We are not all the same and not all of us are interested in the same things. And that’s just fine.

In the same time, you should not impose to others the things that are interesting to you. A recommendation is always welcome, but nothing more than that.

End the terror of a “must do” once and for all

The feeling that there is something you must do creates a pressure that prevents you from enjoying and leads to a “guilty state of mind” whenever you fail the intended target.

It is difficult to assess what is worse – the feeling of “I have to look at all costs, they all said that it is obligatory” or to cope with the judgmental glances of others who are shocked when they hear you saying you did not visit a “must see” location.

You should stop all the “musts” when traveling. The only purpose of the trip is for a person to be inspired, and to inspire others afterwards.

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