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If you’re planning to make several trips this year, for holidays or on business, perhaps you should consider taking out a multi trip insurance policy. At first glance, it may seem an unnecessary or excessive expense, but let us assure you that it is not so.
Let us first explain what the travel insurance is: it’s the insurance you buy when you travel outside your country of residence, regardless of the reason or duration of the trip. Illnesses and accidents are always possible – on a short holiday or a longer business trip abroad.
When we speak about the medical insurance, it is important to distinguish between the national and international medical insurance. The national insurance covers the expenses of the health care you receive in your country of residence.
When you decide to go on a trip, you’ll probably conclude a travel insurance agreement with your insurer. We recommend that you should include the trip cancellation insurance in your travel protection plan.
To ensure that our clients, including the prospective ones, get the best possible services, we wish to remind you of just how important it is to get a travel insurance policy.
Every person ultimately needs to take a vacation. Parents or children, each household has to plan time to take a break from everyday obligations and stress caused by the demanding duties at work. It’s easy to daydream about the sun and the beaches with soft sand.
One of the frequent questions we receive, is whether you need travel insurance in order to travel to Europe and if yes, why. We'll try to give you the briefest and clearest possible explanation.
If you are a non-Schengen country resident planning a travel to a Schengen country, you should first check what papers and permits you need for the trip.
When you plan to travel inside your country of residence, the prior arrangements tend to be quite simple. Of course, you may have to prepare an itinerary, pack your bags, buy air tickets, etc.
Planning a vacation is always a pleasure, whether you go to the seaside or to the mountains, simply take time off or use the break during the national holidays. You may wish to travel to a distant place, to another continent, and your trip may span over a few weeks.

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