PHD Student Health Insurance in Switzerland

PHD Student Health Insurance in Switzerland

Have you ever traveled alone? Would you do it? Moreover, do you feel ready for it? If not, then why not? If yes, what is your secret? It takes a certain amount of responsibility and courage to travel without any company.
What Should You Look for When Buying Travel Insurance? With an adequate travel insurance, you can travel safer and feel more comfortable before and during the trip. However, read very carefully the insurance condition before buying it and ask the responsible persons, should you have any questions.
​If you are a student and you are going to another country to study, do an internship or participate in an exchange program, then the Student Travel Safe insurance plan is the right choice for you.
​Have you already thought where to go on your next vacation? If you have chosen Europe as your travel destination, then you may need to apply for a tourist Schengen visa.

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