Swisscare vs. Evasan: Unveiling the Best Student Insurance for Internationals in Switzerland

Best Health Insurance for Students in Switzerland - 2024. Guide

Choosing the right student insurance policy in Switzerland is a critical step for international students, ensuring their health and well-being are safeguarded while they embark on their educational opportunities in this European country. Swisscare and Evasan, two leading companies in the Swiss insurance market, offer tailored solutions designed to meet the unique needs of students from abroad.

These policies are not just contracts; they are a safety net, providing comprehensive coverage that spans from routine doctor visits to emergency hospital admissions, reflecting a deep understanding of the Swiss and broader European healthcare landscapes.

Swisscare and Evasan enhance the student insurance experience through user-friendly apps and online accounts, allowing for direct management of policies, submission of claims, and processing of payments. This digital approach ensures that they can easily contact their insurance provider and access their services, bringing calm to those who might be navigating the healthcare system in a new country for the first time.

The products offered by both companies are meticulously crafted, considering the varied healthcare requirements and budgets of international students. Whether it’s consulting with a doctor for a minor ailment or requiring hospitalization, the ones covered by Swisscare or Evasan can access the necessary medical services without worrying about the financial burden. This is particularly important in Switzerland, where healthcare costs can be significantly high.

The decision on which company will get the client ultimately hinges on the specific needs and preferences of each student. Factors such as the comprehensiveness of coverage, ease of use of the company’s app and website, the efficiency of customer support, and the simplicity of the payment and claims process play an essential role in this decision. Both companies strive to offer direct and transparent communication, ensuring that everyone can fully understand their policy details and leverage their coverage effectively when needed.

Overview of Swisscare Student Insurance

What is Swisscare?

Swisscare is a broker that has built a strong reputation for offering comprehensive and flexible insurance plans tailored specifically to the needs of international students in Switzerland. Their focus is on ensuring everyone can start their journey, knowing they are covered for a wide range of medical and personal situations.

Key Features of Swisscare’s Student Insurance

Swisscare’s student insurance plans are designed with the international student in mind, providing coverage that spans from basic medical care to more comprehensive needs, including mental health support and emergency medical expenses.

Pricing and Packages Offered

Swisscare offers a variety of packages at different price points, ensuring there’s a solution for every budget. Their transparent pricing structure makes it easy to find a plan that suits their financial situation. Transparency is what this company is known and praised for in the world of Swiss health insurance.  

Overview of Evasan Student Insurance

Introducing Evasan

Evasan, another leading insurance provider, has a strong presence in the student insurance market, known for its reliability and customer-focused approach. They offer a range of plans designed to protect them from unforeseen health and travel-related incidents.

Key Features of Evasan’s Student Insurance

Evasan’s insurance packages are comprehensive, covering everything from routine medical check-ups to emergency repatriation. They are dedicated to ensuring students’ health and well-being are prioritized throughout their studies in Switzerland.

Evasan offers the CHF 0 Franchise plan, which means that in case of medical assistance, emergency or hospitalization, money does not go out of your pocket, whereas Swisscare charge a minimum of CHF 300 and maximum of CHF 1500 deductible.

Pricing and Packages Available

Evasan provides various insurance options at competitive prices, catering to the diverse needs and budgets of international students. Their plans are flexible, allowing them to choose the premium and franchise that best fits their lifestyle and study duration.

If you need more information, you can contact Evasan via the contact form on the website, phone number, or by email.

Direct Comparison: Swisscare vs. Evasan

When it comes to choosing between Swisscare and Evasan, several factors come into play, including the scope of cover, premium, and franchise prices, user experience, and the duration of coverage. Both offer robust solutions, but the right choice depends on your specific needs and preferences.

If you are coming as a foreign student, make sure to inform thoroughly about the Swiss health insurance providers before deciding, since you can only change the plan one time each year.

Coverage Scope: What Do They Offer?

Both Swisscare and Evasan offer the same coverage, which is equivalent to KVG/LAMal, but the specifics of what’s included can vary. It’s essential to compare the details of each plan of each company to see which aligns with your personal and medical needs.Here is the table where you can see the premiums for each group age:

Insurer/Broker Age Franchise / Deductible


0 100 300 500 1,000 1,500
EVASAN 00 – 18 162 138 122 110
SWISSCARE 00 – 18 166 135 115 106
EVASAN 19 – 25 162 138 122 110
SWISSCARE 19 – 25 166 135 115 106
EVASAN 26 – 29 162 138 122 110
SWISSCARE 26 – 29 166 135 115 106
EVASAN 30 – 31 162 138 122 110
SWISSCARE 30 – 31 166 35 115 106
EVASAN 32 – 35 162 138 122 110
SWISSCARE 32 – 35 199 167 147 137
EVASAN 36 – 40 162 138 122 110
SWISSCARE 36 – 40 199 167 147 137
EVASAN 41 – 45 162 138 122 110
SWISSCARE 41 – 45 199 167 147 137


Pricing: Which Offers Better Value?

Assessing the value involves more than just comparing prices; it’s about understanding what you get for your money. Both providers offer plans that range from basic to comprehensive, so consider what’s covered versus the cost.

Evasan has the upper hand in this area since the CHF 0 Franchise plan is the best possible option for international students who are looking for an affordable, but high-quality insurer to start their journey. Bottomline is that Evasan has the cheaper coverage options in general and therefore is the most attractive solution for international students in Switzerland.

User Experience: Ease of Claims and Customer Support

The ease of filing claims and accessing customer support is essential. Both Swisscare and Evasan have positive feedback from users regarding their responsiveness and assistance in times of need.

With the Evasan app available for download for both iOS and Android devices, Evasan has the upper hand in this one since over 50% of clients buy insurance packages via mobile phone. The app is simple, easy to use, and has a friendly interface for new users making an account. Working great on both Android and iOS, this is one of the main benefits of Evasan provider.

User Testimonials and Experiences

Feedback from Evasan Users

Evasan receives accolades for its reliability and the breadth of its coverage, with many appreciating the security and support it offers away from home. With thousands of insured students over the years, Evasan has proved itself in the eyes of international especially.

Additional Benefits: Beyond Basic Coverage

Unique Advantages by Evasan

The most important insurance policy offered by Evasan is the CHF 0 Franchise plan for students. In case of an emergency, hospital treatment, or medical assistance, the insured does not pay anything out of their pocket, and it is by far the cheapest insurance package for students in Switzerland. Everything is paid directly by the insurer, so the students can have a worry-free journey.

Special Provisions or Coverage in Swisscare

Swisscare stands out for offering mandatory KVG/LAMal benefits. Some of the more expensive plans also offer the capital in case of death or permanent disability.

Making Your Decision: Which Suits You Best?

Choosing between Swisscare and Evasan comes down to assessing your specific needs, preferences, and budget. Consider what matters most to you in terms of coverage, value, and service. Evasan is the best choice in terms of striking the balance between premium and services they offer.


In the realm of student insurance within Switzerland and broader Europe, both Swisscare and Evasan present compelling options for international students, each with its distinctive strengths. Swisscare is renowned for its comprehensive coverage plans, which are flexible and can be tailored to fit the diverse needs of students.

The broker clear information about its products, including conditions and coverage details, making it easier for students to understand their policy. Swisscare also emphasizes privacy and legal compliance, ensuring students’ data is securely managed. Their blog serves as a valuable resource, offering insights and information that help students navigate the complexities of insurance in Switzerland.

Evasan stands out for its reliability and the breadth of its services, offering students a wide safety net that covers various medical conditions and scenarios. Recognized for its robust service spectrum,

Evasan ensures students can confidently pursue their studies, knowing they have comprehensive support. The company offers direct support through its efficient customer service. Students can manage their accounts, pay premiums, and receive their insurance card, facilitating access to necessary medical services.

Both companies engage with their audience through informative blog posts and direct communication channels, providing valuable advice on leveraging insurance coverage effectively while respecting legal and privacy considerations.

The choice between Swisscare and Evasan ultimately hinges on individual preferences, whether one values the customizable and detailed product offerings of Swisscare or the comprehensive and reliable services of Evasan.

Evasan has three comparative advantages over Swisscare:

  1. Premiums of Evasan are more affordable.
  2. Evasan is not limited by your age.
  3. Evasan has a CHF 0 franchising. And last but not the least, Evasan is an insurance company and not a broker.

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