Evasan vs. Score Studies: Unveiling the Best Student Insurance for Internationals in Switzerland

Studying in Switzerland sounds exciting. Be sure that the plan will bring you valuable knowledge and many experiences that will be useful in your professional and personal life.

Despite the many responsibilities that await you when you move to a foreign country, you should remember the mandatory student insurance.

As healthcare insurance for international students in Switzerland is mandatory, many companies deal with this topic. But which one is the best choice for you?

The decision is based on many factors, including coverage plans, age, or health risks. The most important thing you receive from an insurer is peace of mind. Security means that everything will be taken care of if things go wrong and that you can access any information you need when you need it.

With this in mind, we will compare two popular companies in the same market that strive to offer their users the best possible offer: Evasan and ScoreStudies.

Overview of Evasan Student Insurance

Introducing Evasan

Evasan is a leading health insurance in Switzerland, having spent almost 30 years in the insurance field. In that period, the Evasan insurance team gained valuable experience, acquired more than one million insureds, and established successful cooperation with clients in 23 countries. Our partners are some of the worldwide companies with significant business traditions, and we are happy to be able to provide services worldwide.

Key Features of Evasan’s Student Insurance

With Evasan’s student insurance, our clients are fully protected.

Upon arrival in a foreign country, students do not need to think about any unwanted situation because two insurance packages cover everything, from routine medical examinations to emergency repairs. 

We guarantee them peace, and full support in any situation. Because Evansan is based in Switzerland, our support center is open 24/7 and ready to answer all customer questions and queries. Another plus is that Evasan provides support in situations where legal assistance is needed for our clients, especially in emergency cases.

Pricing and Packages Available

Suppose you are starting or continuing your education in Switzerland. In that case, our insurance plans will be a great choice because we can offer two options—Swiss Studies “Essential & Economic” and Swiss Studies “All in One Optima.” Both offer coverage for various treatments, such as rescue expenses and emergency dental treatments.

Thanks to flexible payment options, as a client, you can purchase one of ours insurance option online, you can chose to pay it in installments (monthly, quarterly, or semi-annually) and select a deductible from CHF 0 to CHF 1500. We are offering a CHF 0 franchise plan, which means that in case of medical assistance, emergency hospitalization, or other medical expenses, our clients don’t pay all by themselves—we charge a minimum of CHF 300 and a maximum of CHF 1500 deductible.

Keep in mind that you can choose to buy a franchise. A franchise is the amount that students pay before an insurance policy begins to cover a particular claim. For example, if you have a CHF 500 deductible on your student insurance policy and you break your leg, causing $2,000 in damage, you would pay the first CHF 500, and your insurance would cover the remaining CHF 1,500.

Evasan offers comprehensive insurance plans – don’t worry, just explore more and find the best solution.

Overview of ScoreStudies Student Insurance

What is ScoreStudies?

ScoreStudies is a brand name of the insurance product with local distribution of a small broker Antae Montueux. The insurer of this product is Allianz World Care Paris.

They provide health insurance for international students in Switzerland. This insurance covers sickness and accidents, and the services are generally adapted to the country’s health care system. At the same time, they provide two solutions for their clients.

Key Features of Score Studies’s Student Insurance

As a client, you can choose which plan is best for you. There is no annual limit for hospitalization and outpatient care – you can select private civil liability insurance.

Pricing and Packages Offered

ScoreStudies health insurance provides two packages—ScoreStudies Essential and ScoreStudies Premium. Both are tailored to clients’ everyday needs, but specific differences affect the premium price. These plans allow each client to choose the option that best suits their needs.

Before you choose an insurance plan, be sure you understand each part of the plan. 

Direct Comparison: Evasan vs. ScoreStudies

As a student in Switzerland, you can choose health insurance once a year. That means you must be very careful and detail-oriented to select a plan that perfectly suits your needs.

To better understand what services both companies provide, here is a direct comparison between Evasan and ScoreStudies.

Coverage Scope: What Do They Offer?

Evasan and ScoreStudies offer the same coverage scope as KVG/LAMal, but there are specific differences. 

Directly below, you’ll find a comprehensive table that lets you easily compare the details and premiums of both companies’ plans across different age groups.

Insurer Age 0   100   300   500   750 1.000 1.500
ScoreStudies 0-18              
Evasan 0-18   137   126   109 96 83 65 58
ScoreStudies 19 – 25         151   80 64
Evasan 19 – 25   137   126   109 96 83 65 58
ScoreStudies 26 – 29         151   80 64
Evasan 26 – 29   137   126   109   96 83 65 58
ScoreStudies 30 – 31         255   146 111
Evasan 30 – 31   137 126   109 96 83 65 58
ScoreStudies 32 – 35         255   146 111
Evasan 32 – 35   137 126   109 96 83 65 58
ScoreStudies 36 – 40         255   146 111
Evasan 36 – 40   137 126   109 96 83 65 58
ScoreStudies 41 – 45         255   146 111
Evasan 41 – 45   137 126   109 96 83 65 58



Pricing: Which Offers Better Value?

Price is essential because every saving means something to students, right?

Estimating the value of student health insurance is essential if you want to make a decision you will be happy with. With saving money in mind, the CHF 0 Franchise plan from Evasan is the best option for international students in Switzerland—they will receive complete protection from a reputable insurer with maximum financial savings.

User Experience: Ease of Claims and Customer Support

Besides service, user experience is another crucial factor for customers. That is why it is vital that all information about the insurance plan is transparent and accurate and that clients can easily access it.

Evasan and ScoreStudies have transparently highlighted all the essential information for students and their parents on their websites. Based on this information, students can choose an adequate insurance plan. Both companies have mobile applications that provide additional support, and the application gives users access to their accounts and all current information anytime.

It doesn’t matter if you are an iOS or Android user – you can download and install Evasan’s app. This application is user-friendly and easy to use, so you can get the information you need quickly and easily anytime.

Duration and Validity of Coverage

Each student insurance plan lasts one year. Remember that each policy has restrictions on the maximum amount it will pay for specific services. We encourage you to learn more about the insurance plans, ensuring that you will get the best possible treatment if an insured event occurs while studying in Switzerland.

User Testimonials and Experiences

We pay special attention to feedback from our users. Over the years, based on the experience of our students, we have had the opportunity to improve our business significantly. We proudly say that Evasan owes its long business tradition exclusively to quality and dedicated work. 

Feedback from Evasan Users

Based on the experience of the clients with whom we cooperate and with whom we once cooperated, we concluded that the most valuable thing in our work is the feeling of security and trust. In addition, we always strive to provide transparent and accurate information as quickly as possible and to be of maximum service to our customers.


Additional Benefits: Beyond Basic Coverage

Unique Offerings by Evasan

With Evasan, you can be a worry-free student. 

Why do we think that way? 

Our unique insurance plans are tailored to the needs of Swiss students and offer a variety of services. One policy offered by Evasan is the CHF 0 Franchise plan for students. That means that students don’t have to pay anything in case of an emergency or hospital treatment. Everything is paid directly by the insurer.

Special Provisions or Coverage in ScoreStudies

As an international student in Switzerland, you can explore ScoreStudies insurance coverage and research their services. In addition to the Essential and Premium plans, you will find ScoreStudies Protection, a program with a range of Private Civil Liability and Household contingent insurances. 

Making Your Decision: Which Suits You Best?

As we believe that information is most important when choosing the most adequate student insurance plan, we advise that your first step is to research insurers’ offers. Take into account everything that is most important to you—insurance coverage, terms, and prices—and make the best decision based on that.


Evasan Student Insurance

We will undoubtedly emphasize that you should start your research with the Evasan company because, as you have already seen, we have excellent offers that will save your parents money. Therefore, put everything on paper and decide on the option you get the most.


This text has contributed to a better understanding of the importance of foreign student insurance in Switzerland.

We are familiar with all the challenges related to moving and starting a new and exciting chapter in your life in a foreign country, and we know that it is a very challenging process. Therefore, it is necessary to find as reliable partners as possible so that everything is in order.

Regarding student insurance, we have dedicated this text to a mutual comparison of two leaders in this field – Evasan and ScoreStudies.

Both companies offer very attractive conditions, and all the details regarding their offers are on their websites. Everything is transparent and very simply put. Understanding the offer is very important for clients, as is obtaining additional information. Evasan and ScoreStudies are always available for questions, and students and their parents can quickly contact them by email.

When you choose to trust us, know that we deeply value your decision. We are committed to providing you with the most comprehensive consultation and an offer tailored to your needs. Your satisfaction is our top priority.

Our job is to alleviate all worries and allow students to be as safe as possible and focus on their education without additional burdens. We are here to help them with that.


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