International Student Insurance Review | Comparison For 2024.

Insurance is not an interesting topic to think about when going to study abroad, especially in a country as beautiful as Switzerland, but it is an essential part of the travel as well as the studies. In this article, we will compare the providers of student insurance plans in Switzerland, so you can decide which one is the best option for you and your needs.

If you have plans to study in Switzerland, land of remarkable nature and people, followed by elite education and schools, it is important to consider the provider of your healthcare during the time of studying. There is enough information on the internet regarding the medical care in Switzerland, but pricing and services can be a bit tricky.

This blog page is dedicated to providing the right information for students looking to leave their states and travel or study in one of the best countries in Europe, so make sure to read the whole page to check if there is any new information on our website that might help you in choosing the provider. 

Understanding the Importance of International Student Insurance

Why Do International Students Need Health Insurance Coverage in Switzerland?


There is a reason why every school requires students who have plans of staying in Switzerland to have an active medical insurance. Unlike countries like the United States or other European countries, you can’t choose whether you have insurance or not. 

Based on the current laws about the travel visa and staying in Switzerland, there is a maximum period of 3 months as a foreign citizen that you can use to stay without having healthcare insurance. In case you don’t buy the healthcare insurance from a provider and show the evidence, you will be assigned healthcare insurance by the price that is paid by domestic people. 

Legal and University Requirements for International Student Insurance


It is completely essential that, as a foreign student, you have to follow the policies and laws regarding the universities, as well as the country’s laws. For Switzerland, aside from requiring an insurance plan, there are repercussions for not following these policies. 

As we have mentioned before, you have 3 months to provide the evidence that you have bought healthcare or it will be given to you by the state prices. This of course is  more expensive and is not a great position to be in, so make sure to get it in time. 

Aside from legal points that need your full attention, it is important to find a company that will benefit you in every way. We have compared the providers in Switzerland for student insurance in the following part of the blog, so you can make an informed decision.

Comparing International Student Insurance Options for 2024

Introduction to Evasan: Your Insurance Partner Abroad


For over 25 years we have provided insurance to students in Switzerland. Whether you need an ESECO, AIO or CEAM package, we are here to provide you with the best possible solution while you are on the road from your home. 

We understand that it is expensive to go to the doctors or any medical facility and that it is a cost that will probably make a hole in the budget. Whether you have heard of us through facebook, instagram or by a friend recommendation, you have come to the right place. In our view, having the right provider of health and accident insurance is essential and a major factor to being without worries on your trip. 

Swisscare Student Insurance Broker


Swisscare, has been providing insurance for less than 20 years in Switzerland, but has become one of the biggest companies regarding the excellent, but not so affordable, medical care for students who need it for their student residents permit. 

Another key point that we should mention about their services is the fact that the bill is not sent directly to them as a company, rather you pay it and then wait for a payback, which can sometimes be up to 6 months. We understand that prices are expensive in Switzerland, so medical care leaves a big hole in the budget. 


Scorestudies Student Insurance Broker 


Scoredstudies has been providing insurance for a long time in Switzerland. Their multilingual service and customer support has been a game changer over the years, making them one of the top providers of insurance plans.

Scorestudies also assists students in navigating the Swiss healthcare system, helping them find healthcare providers and facilities that accept their insurance, making the entire process more convenient and hassle-free.

Overall, Scorestudies is dedicated to supporting international students in Switzerland by offering insurance solutions that not only meet regulatory requirements but also enhance the quality of their experience by providing comprehensive healthcare coverage and assistance when needed.

Advisor-swiss Student Insurance Broker


For almost 20 years, coming in the sphere as a new company, Advisor-swiss has gotten great reviews for all parts of their service, except the costs of the plans. Main benefits consisting of things like geolocating, consulting premiums online and 24/7 support whether you are in University, on a road trip or home, are some of the points why students choose them.

Again, we have to mention that with all of these benefits comes pricing which is one of the biggest reasons why Advisor-swiss hasn’t been the leading company. Compared to the CHF 0 franchise plan in Evasan, unfortunately thIS company  doesn’t offer anything similar to that in the insurance plans and companies they represent. This means that an insured person always has a franchise, which they will be obliged to pay to the medical institution. 

Insurer/Broker Age 0 100 300 500 750 1000 1500
Advisor 19-25 139 129 109 99 89 69 59
Scorestudies 19-25 151 80 64
Evasan 19-25 137 126 109 96 83 65 58
Swisscare 19-25 115 88 70 59
Groupe Mutuel 19-25 140 135 115
Swica 19-25 128 122
Advisor 26-29 139 129 109 99 89 69 59
Scorestudies 26-29 151 80 64
Evasan 26-29 137 126 109 96 83 65 58
Swisscare 26-29 115 88 70 59
Groupe Mutuel 26-29 250 245 225
Swica 26-29 160 153
Advisor 30-31 89 69 129
Scorestudies 30-31 255 146 111
Evasan 30-31 137 126 109 96 83 65 58
Swisscare 30-31 115 88 70 59
Groupe Mutuel 30-31 250 145 225
Swica 30-31 160 153

As we can see in the picture above which shows us a helpful overview of the biggest insurance providers in Switzerland, while all of these companies do meet standards needed for obtaining health and medical insurance for the purpose of getting the student resident permits. But there is a big difference in the packages they offer.

What makes Evasan stand out is the fact that they have a CHF 0 franchise.

What does this mean for you?

When getting the 0 franchise package it means that you will receive medical care, hospitalisation immediately, without any payments. And after the receival of the service Evasan is paying the invoice that was sent by the medical institution directly. This is the best possible option for most of the students, since when you go to a medical center, not having a franchise means that an insured person will not be obliged to pay any part of insured policy, before the treatment starts. Hence, all expenses are covered by your insurance contract.

Based on the latest data, there is a much bigger need for Evasan plans since upfront payments can be big, so more and more students choose Evasan and the CHF 0 franchise package from the start until the end of their terms in schools.

Needless to say, we recommend Evasan services that could be your trusted partner because of the many benefits that we offer, especially price-wise. As a student, you are very price sensitive, so it is aimportant factor in choosing the insurance provider.


In Evasan, our tradition speaks for itself. We have been in the insurance industry for over 2 decades.

By doing this for over 25 years, as an ISO, providing thousands of international students yearly with the highest quality service, making them feel at home. Evasan insurance can cover all possible misfortunes while you are in our country, ranging from doctor visits to severe injuries. 

Costs of the insurance plans in Switzerland are not negligible so we have tried to make it as affordable as possible for the students who come for the best education, studying and experience. Having to go through the whole process to get to the insurance page is a lengthy and boring one, so we have made it easy to do this via our form. 

We have upgraded our services over the years, as we are dealing with clients whose needs for treatment are changing over the generations. That is why we are following the trends and making the process of acquiring insurance every year more convenient and user-friendly.

Of course if you are just a visitor, the secure play is still to have insurance during your stay in Switzerland, so make sure to consider that option just to secure yourself until the date you come back home. Better safe than sorry, right?

How can Evasan help?

While we have made the process as simple as possible regarding the students from all-around the world, more options if you would like premium plans as well as instant payment of the fees are just some of the benefits we have in our offers. 

It is important to know your insurance plans and rights when in foreign country and we make sure to inform you of everything that you have as an insured visitor. Give us a call or contact us via email and we will provide all the needed answers regarding the prices, possible questions that you might have as well as the terms that the insurance is on. 

How to Purchase International Student Health insurance?

Contact us and we will cover everything for you, or fill out this form, so the process is hassle free as well as simple. Leave everything to us and we will make sure that you are insured from the start of your visit until the end, for the most affordable prices in the country.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Before signing a contract with the insurance company, make sure to have scouted all possible choices, their customer service, if they are available 24/7, speed of payment as well as their monthly and yearly pricing models. 

Something to consider too is the possibility of finishing everything online with the provider that you opt for. This relieves you of the long process, exchange of documentation as well as every other needless appointment and errand as a customer.

When looking at the big picture, it is important to consider all of these factors when choosing a provider of medical care plans so you can benefit the most while not paying absurd prices.

While we do have thousands of students under our coverage, we as a company offer the fastest payment of the invoice out of all companies that do these services. 

Aside from payment that is made in a timely manner (up to 20 days upon the receival of payment), our plans are what makes us stand out from the competition and why most students want us. 

Our choice is the CHF 0 franchise plan which means you are getting the contract for the insurance plan, without paying anything upfront for your medical bills in case of an accident. This is useful for most of the students since the doctor visits, examinations and other types of medical services are more expensive. Evasan does cover Covid, Mental health and every other aspect of medical help that could be helpful.

Our plans cover everything that you might need during your stay in Switzerland, but changing the coverage is of course an option if you opt for that decision.

After a certain period, you can change the insurance plan that you are on, but outside of extreme cases, there is no need for changing the plan. If the needs for your treatment change, it is possible to change the plan.

In Evasan, everything is covered. All conditions that you have had before coming to us are covered with your insurance plan, so you don’t have to worry about that with. 

Students who are insured by Evasan meet the standards for the universities, visa and stay in Switzerland according to travel policy and insurance policy. 

It is very important to obtain your insurance in time so you wouldn’t face any legal concerns. The consequences of not getting your insurance can even lead to deportation. So be sure to take this subject very seriously. 

You have 3 months of uninsured time in Switzerland before you are either informed that you need an insurance plan to continue your visit/ studies or you are given a plan that the residents have, which is more expensive. 

This is why we recommend choosing a good insurance plan, which you can view on our page, so you don’t have legal problems, and can enjoy your visit/ stay.

The most convenient option for buying an insurance plan with us is directly on our website. We have a dedicated page where you can calculate the insurance and buy it online, without the inconveniences that can be caused when bringing documentation. We highly recommend this option when getting an insurance plan from us since it is the easiest and most time efficient for you.

Contact us via email or call so we can organize the insurance plan that is right for you based on your age, school, country of residence and other factors that have to be included in the travel and insurance policy. The process does not take much time and you don’t pay anything, so there is no reason to skip it.

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