Best Health Insurance for Students in Switzerland – 2024. Guide

Best Health Insurance for Students in Switzerland - 2024. Guide

Are you an international student in Switzerland seeking the best medical insurance options for 2024? This comprehensive guide will walk you through the essential steps and considerations for selecting the most suitable medical insurance for your student’s life in Switzerland.

Having health & medical insurance is an obligation by law in Switzerland. If you know that you will stay for more than three months, after the third month, you must have insurance. We will cover more on the legal side later in this blog, so stay with us. 


Insurance in any country is a must-have. Life is unpredictable, so having medical insurance could save you a lot of trouble in an emergency or a medical problem that requires medical care or hospitalisation. Costs vary in Switzerland, but you can find the best provider for an acceptable price with the right tools and information. 

It is of utmost importance for international students to know all the necessary information about the law, insurance policies, and all the providers that can provide insurance plans while they study here. 

In this blog we will go through some of the providers, the premium and franchise costs, and what seems most likely to be the best offer for international students looking to study abroad in Switzerland.

Why is Health Insurance Fundamental for Students in Switzerland?

Studying in Switzerland offers incredible educational opportunities and a high standard of living. However, it also comes with a responsibility – obtaining Swiss health insurance. The Swiss health system is renowned for its quality, but it can be expensive, especially for non-residents. Unless you choose your insurance in time, then you are settled.

Since the majority of healthcare in Switzerland is not publicly funded, this typically results in higher costs. Still, it is also one of the best insurance systems in Europe. High-quality healthcare comes with a price tag. Still, it has been made affordable for international students with the right insurance companies. An important part is that having insurance is a fundamental part of obtaining your residence permit, within a 3 months period upon your arrival in Switzerland. 

Let’s explore the list that will answer why securing health insurance is of utmost importance:

Factors to Consider When Choosing Best Health Insurance

Coverage Requirements for Students in Switzerland

In Switzerland, it is compulsory that all who have residence, even if you are a new student, must have basic health insurance coverage. This requirement ensures that you have access to essential medical services and contributes to maintaining the country’s exceptional healthcare standards. With their insurance comes many benefits, but it is important to inform properly before deciding. Find a trusted provider with whom you will enjoy all the benefits of one of the best healthcare systems. 

As we have mentioned before, not having insurance after the period of three months being in Switzerland is illegal. Follow the law and find a company that can provide your insurance quickly. If you do not provide evidence of insurance, you will be assigned one. The tricky part is that it will be charged by the rates that residents in Switzerland pay. 

To avoid these problems and unnecessary expenses, get an insurance policy with the right company on time.

Cost-Effective Options: Balancing Coverage and Budget


Finding the right balance between comprehensive coverage and budget-friendly options is what we are looking for. Swiss health insurance offers various tiers, allowing you to tailor your coverage to your needs while considering your financial resources. Switzerland has no free healthcare, so ensure you are getting a good company to provide your insurance policy. 


The monthly premium is a required payment that the insured pays to the company every month or annually. Franchise is the part of the medical expenses paid directly from the insured to the medical institution. Most companies require a franchise in addition to the monthly premiums. Meaning that if you have an emergency, a medical procedure, or any service, the first part of the payment will be out of your pocket. Even though it is less expensive than paying for everything, a few hundred CHF can impact your budget.

For example, having a CHF 500 franchise does mean that you pay less on a monthly premium, but in case of hospital services, an accident, or any possible treatments, the first CHF 500 will be covered out of your pocket, which is not a small amount of money. 

We have tailored our plans in Evasan over the years to be optimal for international students. Our CHF 0 Franchise plan guarantees you do not pay anything extra other than the standardized monthly premium. Also, inform of any potential exemption you could use to your advantage. 


Additional Coverage Needs: Dental, Vision, and More


Consider whether you require additional coverage for dental and vision services. (Maternity care services are mandatory services).  While these may not be included in basic plans, they can be essential depending on your circumstances. Some of these special cases need to be communicated with the health insurance company to see if they are available or included in the policy you will buy. Still, most of this information will be available on the company’s website or home page.

Remember that all of the plans can be paid annually, which could be more affordable in some cases. 


Step-by-Step Guide to Selecting the Right Health Insurance

Swiss insurance, while legally mandatory and strongly regulated, is easy and simple to buy. Most of the providers will have a form that you will fill out to see the preliminary prices for your subscription. We will dive a bit deeper into acquiring it in the following sections. 


Switzerland has one of the best healthcare systems in the world. It comes with the price, especially for international students and visitors. Fortunately, it has been made affordable by the insurance providers. Insurance providers offer budget-friendly solutions at reasonable prices.


Now that we understand the significance of health insurance, let’s explore a step-by-step process to help you choose the most suitable insurance for you and your needs:


Evaluating Your Current Situation

Begin by assessing your current situation. How long will you stay in Switzerland? Are you bachelor, master or PhD student?These factors are essential in determining the ideal insurance for you. 

With this in mind, find the optimal insurance provider for your needs. Whether you are staying for four months or a year will determine which offer you need. Depending on the insurance provider, all of these factors, and a lot more, will dictate their offer to you, as well as the benefits and coverage that you will have. 


Assessing Your Healthcare Needs and Preferences

Next, evaluate your healthcare needs and preferences. Do you require frequent medical attention, or do you generally enjoy good health? This assessment will help you decide on the level of franchise choice.


Understanding Policy Terms and Conditions

Before committing to any insurance plan, let’s delve into the policy terms and conditions. Take the time to thoroughly review the document, paying close attention to several critical elements. Firstly, consider the aspects related to medical treatment coverage. Understand the extent of treatment covered by your chosen insurer, including hospital stays, doctor’s visits, medications, and potential emergency care. By comprehending the wide range of treatment services included in your policy, you can ensure that your needs are adequately addressed. 

Additionally, it’s essential to examine the franchise and co-payments within your policy. These financial aspects can significantly impact your out-of-pocket expenses when seeking medical treatment. Knowing the terms related to franchise and co-payments will help you save your finances accordingly and avoid any unexpected costs. 

Franchise: A franchise is the amount you agree to pay out of pocket before your insurance policy begins to cover a particular claim. For example, if you have a CHF 500 deductible on your student insurance policy and you break your arm causing $2,000 in damage, you would pay the first CHF 500 and your insurance would cover the remaining  CHF 1,500. The franchise lasts for one year and does not merge in the following year.

Also, an aspect that you should have in mind is – explore the privacy policies embedded in your insurance plan. Your privacy is valuable, and understanding how your insurer handles your personal information is really important. 

Lastly, evaluate any coverage limits imposed by the policy. Some insurance plans may have restrictions on the maximum amount they will pay for specific treatments or services. Being aware of these limits allows you to supplement your coverage effectively with supplementary insurance plans if necessary, ensuring you receive the best possible treatment while studying in Switzerland.


Choosing a Plan

Select the insurance plan that aligns best with your needs and budget based on your assessments and understanding of policy terms. Take your time with this decision, as making an informed choice is essential. While you can change it after you pick it, why not make an informed decision and cover yourself for the foreseeable future?

Most of the Swiss insurance plans have a franchise part of them. A franchise is a part of the costs covered by the insurer; in most cases, it ranges from CHF 300 to CHF 2500 + 10% of billing per year. Let’s clarify this by an example: The payment is divided if your franchise/ franchise is CHF 300 and the whole medical bill is CHF 1100. For the first CHF 300, you will have to pay out of your pocket for the service. After that initial expense, everything is free, with the remaining CHF 800 covered by insurance. 


But in Evasan, we have tailored our plans to students, so there is an option that benefits international students the most. One of the most popular choices for international students is a CHF 0 franchise/ franchise plan where your upfront payment for a medical service is – nothing. 

Franchise is basically free for those who are insured with us, and they don’t have to pay anything more than the monthly premium. And also, in Evasan the price of the monthly premium is still more than affordable compared to prices of other providers, and also Swiss prices in general.



In conclusion, securing the right health insurance as a student in Switzerland is essential during your education. Even though most of the healthcare is in the private sector, with the right insurance plans, providers often cover everything. 

Medical insurance in Switzerland covers hospital treatment, accidents, preventive measures, dental treatment if necessary, spa (if needed for the treatment) as well as maternity services.

This is why informing on the Swiss insurance sector plans is so important for your education ventures.

By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can make an informed decision and enjoy studying in this beautiful country without worrying about the Swiss prices.


How can We help?

The CHF 0 franchise policy is dedicated to students, so they don’t have a franchise; nothing goes out of their pocket. Procedures and any service are free for them, just by paying their premium month by month. This is one of the reasons why we have become one of the most popular student insurance providers in recent years.

If you have any further questions or need assistance selecting the right health insurance policy, don’t hesitate to contact Evasan team. Our experts are here to guide you through the process, ensuring you have the best coverage for your needs.

How to Purchase International Student Health Insurance?

Most of the insurers will provide the option to buy it via the form on their website. It is a simple 3 step process. The first step is filing out the information related to  your age, sex, stay, residence, the need for supplementary options, and other factors that go into the offer. After that, you will fill out the needed information. The third and final step is to subscribe to the plan, and you are set. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

While insurance and healthcare seem simple, some questions still leave international students wondering. We have answered the most common ones below, but if you have any other questions or want to know more, please contact us. 

Yes, health insurance is mandatory for all residents in Switzerland, including foreign students. Regardless of age, personal healthcare insurance law will apply to anyone in the country for more than three months. 

If not insured after three months, the student will be treated as a resident and will be assigned insurance by the Swiss prices, which is more expensive.

Student health insurance costs vary based on factors such as age, location, and coverage plan, typically ranging from a few hundred to over a thousand Swiss Francs annually. 


Aside from Evasan, most companies do not provide the CHF 0 plan, so make sure to include that as a potential cost for any emergency or medical procedure you might need. This means that you do not have a franchise to pay directly to the medical institution that you are in, and an insurance provider covers everything.

The best insurance for you depends on your specific needs and budget. Look for comprehensive coverage with reasonable rates for a well-rounded choice. In our personal opinion, the best insurance is the one that can apply for all the things you need, including special conditions, mental health, etc., for an affordable price.

Failure to secure insurance on time may result in legal consequences and difficulties accessing necessary services. After three months without an insurance in Switzerland, you are given one by the residential prices, which is much higher than most European countries since Switzerland has a high life standard. 

This, of course, means higher premiums, which could make a dent in your budget. Make sure to avoid these problems when going to Switzerland for education, have a trusted partner provide you with an insurance plan.

You can switch insurance providers if you find a better-suited offer that meets your evolving needs during your stay in Switzerland. Of course, you would need to finish the current contract before switching to a more suitable provider. 

If you inform correctly and choose the right company, there is a small chance that you would ever consider changing up the plan that you are on. In Evasan, we provide everything that you could possibly need during the studies, so you do not have to worry about finding a new provider later.

Buying international student insurance, regardless of the provider, is a simple and fast process. Most companies have a form on their website or a contact email through which you can do everything online. Of course, if you would like to go personally that is always an option. 

In Evasan, we have made buying insurance as simple as possible, making it convenient for you to buy it via our website with just your credit card. After filling out the form, you will get the price for the duration. Next step is filing out the information and after that you will pay for the subscription. Simple, three step process. It is important to note that the students need to sign the form for the exemption of the LAMal. 

If you need help or we haven’t disclosed useful information in this blog and you would like more information, please contact us via phone or email.

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