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Planning a vacation is always a pleasure, whether you go to the seaside or to the mountains, simply take time off or use the break during the national holidays. You may wish to travel to a distant place, to another continent, and your trip may span over a few weeks. Or you may visit a nearby country for the extended weekend. In any event, you will always carry things with you, such as your luggage, passports and money, but you must make sure you don’t forget your vacation insurance.

Let’s focus on a travel abroad for the summer vacation to illustrate why we recommend that you should take out your vacation insurance or make an insurance contract with your insurer.

Say you travel with your family by plane. Please keep in mind that flights may be delayed or luggage lost. Clearly, such unfortunate events may easily ruin your vacation. If any of the above has already happened to you, you are well aware of the consequences of the flight delays, which actually happens quite often, or of the lost luggage. When you stay abroad during the summer vacation, your national health insurance probably doesn’t cover the event of an illness or accident in another country. Your regular medical insurance would not cover the medical expenses in case you or a member of your family fall ill or have an accident. Injuries – harmless or serious ones – are possible and a visit to a doctor may be required. In some cases, you may have to be urgently transported back to your country of residence. For all these reasons, when you make your to-do list before the vacation, you should definitely make sure that taking out a vacation insurance is somewhere at the top. Medical services abroad may be very costly. Sometimes even a visit to a GP may overrun your budget, let alone much less desirable scenarios, such as being urgently checked into a hospital or transported back to your home country for treatment.

Spending your vacation at the mountain also involves certain risks, which are sometimes impossible to avoid or prevent. What you may do, however, is to take out your vacation insurance so that you can relax knowing that your vacation won’t cost more than planned.

Finally, let us remind you of our motto: better safe than sorry. It may be useful to remember this the next time you plan to spend your vacation abroad.

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