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Let us first explain what the travel insurance is: it’s the insurance you buy when you travel outside your country of residence, regardless of the reason or duration of the trip. Illnesses and accidents are always possible – on a short holiday or a longer business trip abroad. In that case, your national health insurance scheme would not cover the costs of your treatment. Medical and emergency care costs plenty, but your travel insurance would guarantee that you get the help and service you need. In any event, it provides peace of mind as the most important service.

Assuming you are now convinced that you need and may benefit from taking out a travel insurance policy, your next step will probably be to ask your regular insurer for this coverage. Not all insurers specialize in travel insurance. Some offer only the general packages, whereas others, like Evasan, are specialists for this type of service. Our alarm center operates 24//7/365 and our experts are available to address any uncertainty or dilemma you may have. Our travel insurance contracts are tailored to fully fit your needs.

While you get ready for your trip, your to-do list will include the travel insurance coverage as an important item. Some travelers prefer to save some money by purchasing cheap travel insurance. However, let us remind you that this kind of insurance is not expensive, but it may be necessary and even mandatory if you plan to travel to a country which requires a visa for visitors.

Many insurers offer you to buy insurance online. We recommend that you should carefully read their offers through and make sure you understand what general and special services are included in every type of coverage. Many Internet searches include the phrase cheap travel insurance. The most expensive coverage is not necessarily the best, just like the cheapest one doesn’t have to be the worst. The choice of the insurance coverage should depend on your destination, risk assessment and credibility of the insurer. We usually spontaneously opt for the cheap travel insurance because we feel that the travel insurance is an unnecessary expense. Experiences of other people show that sudden diseases or accidents are always possible and it’s good to be insured when travelling abroad. It’s important to remember not to exclude this item when planning for your trip to another country.

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