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Don’t dismiss the importance of taking out appropriate travel insurance for your trip abroad. At Evasan, we take travel insurance seriously because it’s what we specialise in. With over 15 years of experience in this field and having insured millions of travellers, we know what we’re talking about.

When embarking on your travels it is vital that you take out sufficient travel insurance to ensure you are protected throughout your trip for any eventualities. Firstly, make sure your travel insurance product covers you for everything you need. We advise you to look out for the extras that you may want to include as you can add on additional options, our Evasan advisors are just at the other end of the telephone. Also, for some areas of the world you may need visa travel insurance, as an example if you are travelling to the Schengen area this is critical. In fact, many European governments now require that visitors hold appropriate medical coverage otherwise known as Mandatory Travel Insurance so you will not be able to travel without it in place.

Whatever your trip is for, even if it is a 24 hour round trip to a destination only a short distance away from home you should take out appropriate travel insurance. No-one can predict what could happen. It’s always better to be safe and not have to worry about illness, accident, injury or other inconveniences when you’re away from home.

There are various different types of travel insurance. For absolute peace of mind, Evacuation Insurance is worth investing in when travelling as it ensures that if you fall ill or suffer an injury while on your trip abroad, that you will be escorted to the nearest centre of medical excellence if you cannot be suitably looked after locally. This type of insurance also covers travel costs for your partner or an accompanying person.

Not just medical emergencies are covered by travel insurance. Wherever you are travelling, be it in Europe or worldwide, your insurance should cover you amply for many different events. You should take out your insurance early too as then you are covered for the cancellation of your trip. You will also want to feel rest assured that if your luggage goes missing, you are covered for its contents. Whatever your reasons for travelling, whether it’s that you are a business traveller, holidaymaker, expat or student, travel insurance is important!

There are plenty of other reasons why travel insurance is imperative. If you become ill before your trip, or your partner or children do, then you will need to cancel. By not having suitable insurance in place you stand to lose everything you have paid for. Additionally, if your tour operator goes bankrupt or perhaps you have a delay with your visa or passport application all of these factors can result in the loss of fees already paid for your trip. Be wise and take out Evasan’s travel insurance. By just investing a little can save you a lot.

Look for a well-known, reputable company and one that deals exclusively in travel insurance as they will know exactly what you need. A business such as Evasan can deal with all your travel insurance enquiries and recommend, advise and tailor a policy to suit your requirements in a few moments either by telephone or online. You should also seek a travel insurance provider that guarantees 24/7 assistance at your fingertips. Evasan can do just that and provide you with added peace of mind too.

You know you are in safe hands when you take out a travel insurance policy with Evasan because it’s the best you can buy and it’s competitive too, but don’t be fooled, just because Evasan’s travel insurance is cheap doesn’t mean it isn’t excellent. On the contrary it may well be low cost travel insurance but give high quality insurance coverage. Why not compare Evasan to others? Evasan’s insurance policies are used by embassies, consulates, travel agents and tour operators not to mention millions of customers worldwide.

Travel Insurance

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