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One of the frequent questions we receive, is whether you need travel insurance in order to travel to Europe and if yes, why. We’ll try to give you the briefest and clearest possible explanation. The first thing you should keep in mind when travelling around Europe, is the price of medical care in various European countries. It is actually extremely high. Say you’ve decided to see sights at a popular tourist destination, or visit the capital city of a country you’ve never been to before. Imagine you have a mishap or even the smallest accident, which is always possible. Those of you who think that bad things happen only to other people are wrong. They can happen to anyone, any time, anywhere. So, do you need travel insurance for Europe? Yes. Often the health insurance you have in your country of origin does not cover accidents that take place in other countries. Also, in case you need a visa to travel to a European country, you will be required to take out travel insurance that is accepted in Europe. The necessary coverage is pre-defined and you can obtain all necessary information when you inquire about the visa application conditions. If you need more details, such as the level of coverage, which costs are covered and how to use your travel insurance Europe policy, our experts are available at any time and will be delighted to answer all of your questions. This type of insurance covers not only the costs of accidents or sudden illnesses that occur during travel, but also the costs for repatriation or visits from your relatives, depending on your situation.

Travel Insurance Europe is not only necessary for visa purposes should you need one for travelling around Europe, but is also a must because of the very high costs of medical care which may exceed your travel budget if you fall ill or if your health is at risk for any reason at all. This is the most important argument and the answer to the question whether and why this kind of insurance is a must-have for travel in Europe.

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