Pre-existing Medical Conditions: Everything You Need To Know

Travel is the healthiest addiction. Scientists say that the benefits of traveling for your health stay for a long time after you return home. You return a bit different from each trip, generally better, and you adopt new, healthier habits as well. Travel reduces stress, improves sleep and stimulates positive emotions and productivity. It is healthy to travel at least once a year and it represents an excellent preventative for many problems.

But what if you have a chronic illness and pre-existing medical conditions? Do you have to give up your trip completely?

Of course not. With a well-planned trip and by adhering to certain rules you can enjoy all the benefits of a vacation, visit your friends and relatives abroad and explore new destinations.

These are the most important things you should know if you have pre-existing medical conditions and you want to plan a trip.

Consult your doctor

Sincerely and openly expose your travel plans to your doctor. He will give you the appropriate advice and say whether it’s safe for you to go on such a trip after all. If approved, you will receive adequate advice and therapy to help you stay healthy and that the road goes well. Inform yourself about the safest way of transportation and whether the plane is the best solution for you. For tropical destinations it will be necessary to receive additional vaccines.

Choose your destination wisely

Some destinations are simply not safe for you because of your illness and it’s best to accept this fact as soon as possible. Too high or too low temperatures and demanding tours can exacerbate your health and make your holiday a nightmare or they can even endanger your life. That’s why it’s best to stick to a place with a mild climate and to stay in all an inclusive accommodation, where everything will be at the reach of your hand.

Travel health insurance that covers your pre-existing condition or disability

Adequate travel insurance is the most important thing when you are suffering from a chronic illness and you are planning to go on a trip. Do not be fooled by the fact that your current health condition is stable and that you feel completely healthy. Things can easily go wrong and thus require certain medical services that cost an entire fortune.

For starters it is very important to be completely honest with the insurance agent and give him detailed and accurate information about the history of your disease. It seems tempting to hide some facts and thus lower the price of the policy. This is certainly not a wise thing to do, especially if you look at the prices of interventions by health institutions abroad. Play safely and try to cover as many opportunities as possible.

Lists of existing medical conditions and disabilities vary depending on the insurance company, but in general travel insurance plans do not cover expenses due to pre-existing conditions. The most common pre-existing conditions are:

  • Cardiovascular diseases,
  • all types of cancer,
  • brain and cerebral conditions,
  • disabilities such as cerebral palsy and motor neuron disease

Travel insurance also covers other aspects of travel, such as reimbursement of costs in the event of sudden cancellation, loss and theft of luggage and documents, of medication or travel money…

Take sufficient medications and all the necessary medical documentation

If you have a chronic medical condition or disability, there is a growing chance that you will be in need of certain medical care while traveling. Although you need to be optimistic, it’s also necessary to do everything that’s up to you to keep the things under control. Depending on the length of the trip, take a sufficient amount of medication. Place them in different places in order to prevent the possible loss of the entire stocks at once.

Also, do not forget to pack the useful things such as bandages, sunscreen creams, a thermometer, protective insect lotions, antihistamines…

Some medications, such as those in syringes or very strong painkillers, may be subject to additional rules and regulations when it comes to traveling. Inform yourself about the rules consulting your doctor or your travel organizer.

The most important thing is to take good care of yourself while traveling and not to test your limits too much. Finally, relax and enjoy the experience. After all this preparation, you deserve a break, many nice memories and an album full of colorful photos.

Note: Always read your insurance policy in full for the terms and conditions as well as certain exclusions that will apply.

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