Travel Tips

While traveling around the world, we have come up with some tips and tricks that might make your life easier. The most important ones can be summed up as follows:

Travel Tip 1: Take with you as little as you can. Do you really need to take so many beauty products, even though smaller packages, such as testers, are available in any department store? This may require some additional effort, but it will surely pay off, especially if you plan to travel by plane.

Travel Tip 2: Think smart and practical. Here is something ladies might frown upon, although it’s highly recommended. If you are going to the seaside, sneakers or ballet flats are the best choice, whereas your beautiful high heel sandals may be left to lie patiently in your suitcase throughout your trip, taking up valuable space.

Travel Tip 3: Try to learn at least a few words of the language of the country you are visiting. You’ll always be better received and served.

Travel Tip 4: Instead of folding your clothes in the suitcase, try rolling them. Once you have tried out this simple trick, you will never fold your clothes again.

Travel Tip 5: Keep in mind that what you say may be understood by someone. Even in a distant country, people might speak your language, so try to leave out hostile remarks.

Travel Tip 6: Slow down. Don’t try to reach your destination as quickly as possible. Travel slowly, you’ll discover more. The journey itself can be just as interesting as the destination.

Travel Tip 7: Don’t plan too much. Leave a day or two for wandering about, without any specific plans. Such days may produce the best memories. On the other hand, they may result in unexpected expenses.

Travel Tip 8: Traveling with children? Remember to bring wet wipes, snacks, change of clothes, a portable DVD or a tablet.

Travel Tip 9: Forget hotels. Hiring an apartment might provide what a hotel room cannot, and that is the real taste of life in another country. In any event, rented apartments are cheaper and give you more comfort and freedom.

Travel Tip 10: And last, but not least: always take out travel insurance. Do not rely on your credit card. This may seem obvious but many people choose not to do it and lose a lot of money when things go wrong.

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