Travel Problems

Here are some common travel problems and how to deal with them:

Your wallet has been stolen

Contact the local police and make sure you get a copy of the crime report. Report any missing cards to your bank – they may be able to send you a replacement card or give you an emergency cash advance. Alternatively, someone from home could always use an online money transfer operator to send you money. It’s important that you file a report with your travel insurance company as soon as you can. Keep a decoy wallet with a few local currency notes. Keep your cash and cards in different locations. When you buy foreign currency, keep your receipt so the travel insurance company knows how much you’ve lost. Before your holiday, be sure to make a note of your bank’s emergency ‘lost or stolen card’ phone number.

Jet lag

This is a very annoying travel problem. Set your watch on the plane to the time of the destination and avoid too much alcohol, caffeine, fat and salt. If you arrive in daylight, stay awake and don’t have any naps. Do anything you can to stop yourself falling asleep. Going in the sun can also help to reset our internal clocks and exercise is good as it releases endorphins. Travelling east is worse for jet lag as we are trying to go to sleep when our bodies are waking up and it feels like you’re waking up in the middle of the night.

You miss your flight

This a big travel problem. Make sure you’re super polite and apologetic and prepare to be patient and wait until a new flight is available. If you’ve got a frequent flier account, this will help you. If it’s a missed connection because of a previous flight delay, you may even be able to get some freebies out of it. Always ask reception for a wakeup call and have a backup alarm if you’ve got an early flight time. Don’t leave right at the last minute – you never know what hold ups there will be on the way.

You lost your luggage

If your baggage hasn’t shown up, go to the airline’s counter to file a report. They may offer you a bag of essentials and will take your contact details. Be aware that the longer your luggage is lost, the more compensation the airline will provide. Your Evasan travel insurance policy could cover this travel problem, so check the wording on your policy. Be aware that if you lose your bag after you’ve left the baggage claim area, you need to contact the police. Label your bag clearly and put something recognizable on it. Also take a photo of your suitcase in case you need to show this to the airline. Keep all valuables in your hand luggage bag and pack a change of clothes in your carry-on bag too.

You lose your passport

Maybe the biggest travel problem. The first thing you should do is report it lost with the local police, then schedule an emergency appointment with your country’s embassy/consulate. It’s very helpful if you have another form of identification with you. Always have a copy of your passport and photos in your suitcase and on email.

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