Some Situations Only True Travelers Can Understand

Many people would say that they like traveling, but a small number of true travel lovers looks upon it as the way and the purpose of their lives. They constantly read and explore new destinations, they are saving money for new adventures, instead of buying new clothes or modern gadgets. True travel lovers are the ones that will give even the last coin for a plane ticket.

They are able to identify the faces of the staff at many airports, their passports are completely sealed, and the phone’s display is full of travel applications. In their wallet there are always several currencies, their fridges are covered with magnets, and every free corner in their houses is filled with souvenirs. Most of their wardrobe remains in suitcases all year long, just in case.

You must have met such people at some point, or maybe you are having a travel addiction yourself. Those people can be defined as true travelers. There are certain situations, that most of the people find incomprehensible and strange and that only such travelers can fully understand.

The true travelers know everything about the policies and the packages of travel insurance. They most often purchase an annual travel insurance, because they can never know when a favorable opportunity and an irresistible offer of travel will come up.

The desire to travel is stronger than everything else

Do you enjoy constantly moving your personal boundaries and leaving the comfort zone? Do you have an incurable desire to travel across the whole planet, and visit each and every corner of it? Is adventure your middle name and do you often feel misunderstood by your environment and your family?

True travelers will surely be able to understand you.

Here are a few more situations that only true distance lovers are familiar with:

You can say hello and thank you in most of the world’s languages

There are over 6,000 spoken languages in the world, and most of the people speak,in the average, two or three. The ability to communicate in a large number of languages is a real asset and almost every true traveler possesses it. Do not stick only to English, try to learn at least the basic phrases in a mother tongue of a nation you’re visiting. Your journey will take on a completely new dimension, and the locals will know how to appreciate and reward it. If a quick acquirement of new languages is not one of your talents, you still can practice mimic and non-verbal communication. Pantomime can sometimes be of a great value.

You’ve seen at least one of the world’s natural phenomena

True travelers are always ready to climb into the heights or come down to the darkest depths in order to find and experience some of the hidden wonders of this beautiful planet. All the inaccessible canyons and caves, the unreal waterfalls and lakes, the polar light in Norway, the highest peaks of the Alps … you have already been there or you’re planning to go. True travelers are familiar with urge for unusual destinations.

You have decided to disregard media stereotypes

Although a certain country has been declared to be an unsafe place, where you will surely be robbed, kidnapped or even worse, you still have an irresistible desire to visit it and be convinced or resolved. In most cases you will prove that the media is wrong. Your experiences are completely different. Still, we advise you not to embark on such journeys without a travel insurance policy.

You’re more and more often traveling solo

Only the true travel lovers are familiar with the charms of a solo journey. True travelers will not give up their trip simply because they do not have anyone to go with. There is always a possibility to encounter a nice company along the way, and even if this does not happen, the mission is fulfilled anyway.

Traveling definitely changes you

Different cultures and styles of life each leave a mark on your life. You learn so many things along the way and accept those costumes as a personal practice. You will discover new foods, teas, yoga, meditation… And what is most important – traveling will enrich your life and change it in a positive way.

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