How to File a Travel Insurance Claim

Anyone who purchases a travel insurance policy, would rather want to avoid actually using it. However, statistics show that in the end most tourists find themselves in a situation when they have to use their policy. Most often passengers either have a need for a medical service or lose their luggage.

You have been planning your trip for a very long time and you controlled every detail of it, and yet, you are now faced with an unpleasant situation. You are in a foreign country and the only thing you can think about is: what should I do now?

In that moment, the best news you can hear is that your case is covered by travel insurance.

Always Call the Insurance Company First

The first thing you need to do is to call the call center of the insurance company and follow the instructions. Insurance companies provide 24/7 customer support, so always use this service. Ask what kind of documents you need and how to submit and send a travel insurance request.

The following news may not be that good: the rest of the procedure is not going automatically. You will have to collect all the paperwork yourself, fill it in and send the request. The deadline for submitting a request is usually about 90 days, but it is better to do it as early as possible.

Whether you will get a reimbursement for the damages and how quickly you’ll get it depends on how you fill in the request and on the attached documentation.

You can find the request form on the website of the insurance company.

At the first glance, the fulfillment of a request can seem a bit confusing, but with the right information you will do it quickly and easily. Answer all questions as completely and as precisely as possible. Try to remember all the important dates and circumstances.

Get All the Necessary Documentation

The more documentation that confirms your claims, the better. So keep the evidence for everyone. The bills, the unused cards, the police reports of stolen goods… this all can be of use to you.

A trip cancellation or a sudden travel break due to the illness must be confirmed by a doctor’s statement. So, visit a doctor who will confirm that you are too sick to travel or continue your journey.

If you postpone or cancel a trip due to a change of schedule at work, you will need a statement from your employer that confirms it.

You need to claim the payment for the lost baggage with a valid statement of the airline company and with a precise value of the baggage estimated.

Think About How to Send Everything to the Insurance Company as Quickly as Possible

The easiest and the fastest way to send everything to an insurance company is via online form or by an e-mail. Take pictures or scan the documents, but keep in mind the size of the files. Many web forms have limitations, which can be solved by reducing the image resolution.

You Will Probably Have to Arm Yourself With a Little Patience

You’ve done everything that’s up to you, now wait patiently until you find out the outcome. The process of considering travel insurance requirements usually lasts for several weeks, and sometimes even for a longer time. It depends primarily on the policy of the insurance company.

Please have in mind that each travel insurance company has its own internal rules for registering and completing the applications. That’s why it’s always good to get detailed information about it before heading out.

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