Travel Insurance and Pregnancy

When you are pregnant, some of the things you want to do are usually prohibited. Long-desired vacation should not be one of them, provided that you feel well. If there are any medical complications or pregnancy risks, it is strongly recommended that the trip should be postponed.

Most of us know the importance of a travel insurance, and that it provides us necessary calm and security.

When traveling during pregnancy, it is even more important that you take travel insurance that covers both your health and your unborn baby’s health.

Why is it important to have travel insurance during pregnancy?

Travel insurance for pregnant women largely covers the same risks – the necessary medical and legal intervention while traveling, disappearance and theft of baggage and documents, as well as the sudden cancellation of the arrangement.

If you have decided to travel, relax, rest and get some sleep before the baby comes into the world, travel insurance should definitely be a priority. It will provide security and ensure peace of mind while you are away from the institution where they usually care of your pregnancy. Travel insurance policy for pregnant women is equally important both for you and for your baby.

The policy of insurance companies is different in the case of covering travel risks during the pregnancy. Some have a limit based on a pregnancy week (usually 28 weeks) or the age of a pregnant women (37). There are insurance companies that cover pregnant women’s health, but at a slightly higher price. Obviously, in the case of travel insurance policies for pregnant women the emphasis is on medical aspect, on covering health risks and possible emergency returns to the country, if there is a need.

The level of coverage varies, it is important to be well informed, to see what is the best solution and, of course, to read carefully the small letters of the contract before you sign it. Also, it is recommended that the key to a final decision is not a low price, but full protection for you and your baby while you’re on the road.

What if…?

There are many specific situations as well as concerns regarding travel insurance during pregnancy.

For example, you are planning to travel to an event or an exclusive cruise for which you need to reserve tickets well in advance, even a year in advance. You looked at the flight schedule and purchased travel insurance. A month later you discovered that you are pregnant.

What then? Will insurance cover the cost of trip cancellation?

It depends on the insurance company. Some cover the pregnancy as a reason for cancellations, if it occurs after the contract comes into force. Everything you need in this case is medical documentation that will confirm it.

Frequently asked question is whether insurance can cover the travel all the way up to the estimated delivery date. Very rarely you will come across the insurance company that will issue such a travel insurance policy. In the most cases the rule is that you should return about 8 weeks before. Every journey after the thirtieth week represents a significant risk of premature birth and can’t be covered by travel insurance.

No less important than the travel insurance are the rules about safe air travel for pregnant women, in the case you are traveling by plane of course. Those recommendations vary. Even if you find travel insurance that will cover your way to the birth, there is a possibility that you can’t get on the flight if you’re heavily pregnant.

Good preparation and awareness will prevent the stress that at the time when wearing a new life is by no means necessary.

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