Tips on How to Protect Your Belongings While You Travel

The holiday season is also a travelling season. There are some rules you should adhere to if you’re visiting your family or friends, or simply discovering new places. Regardless of the time of the year, people travel most during the holidays, when the likelihood of unforeseen problems multiplies. Here are some tips which might help you organise a stress-free trip.

When we say belongings, we mean anything you’re leaving behind, such as your house, flat, a car, but also the stuff you’re carrying with you.

Before you set out, make sure your home and property will stay safe in your absence.

Tell your neighbours you’ll be away for a while and ask them to pick up the mail from your mailbox. A full mailbox is usually a sign that the household is empty and this can mean trouble.

Set a timer to turn the lights in your home on and off to mask your absence.

Close all the taps in the house. Turn off all the electronic devices or appliances which can be disconnected. This will help you save some money and prevent any damage in case of a power surge.

During the winter, ask your neighbors to remove the snow from your front door. In the summer, ask someone to mow your lawn. Accumulated snow in the doorway and unmoved lawns clearly indicate the residents’ absence.

Today, everybody tells their friends about their whereabouts through the social media. Still, consider posting your holiday pictures after you return home. However hard you try to limit the access to your social network profiles, some information tends to spread uncontrollably.

Park your car somewhere safe, in a garage if you have one, or at friends’ if they’re staying at home while you’re away.

Take a good care of your luggage as well:

Keep your bags zipped and closed until you reach your accommodations.

Attach a luggage tag with your hotel’s address. In case your luggage is delayed, it will be delivered to your hotel. If you prefer to have it sent to your home address, attach the luggage tag with your home address.

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