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Travel insurance policies can be taken out to cover certain risks during tourist travels, holidays abroad, business trips, visits to the family members who reside in other countries, etc. There are single-trip policies, multi-trip policies, annual travel Insurance, to mention just a few.

In case you plan to stay abroad for a longer period, you should probably buy the Expat Health Insurance.

Living the expat life is an exciting and challenging adventure. With the Expatline insurance policy, you’ll have a personalized, affordable, and comprehensive health insurance policy that gives you full coverage in case of emergency medical needs.

Evasan pays special attention to this type of insurance. Switzerland has a strong established universal health Insurance. We are the insurer based in Switzerland, the country where many international organisations and global companies have their HQs. We therefore have lots of experience with the expat insurance, not only in Switzerland, but worldwide as well.

Who can apply for this plan?

All persons living, working or studying outside of the home country can be insured under this plan if the duration of the stay abroad is more than 1 year.

The international health insurance EXPATLINE has been developed and designed for individuals who stay outside their home country for a minimum period of one year such as:

  • Employees on overseas assignments
  • Managers and executives
  • Employees of counsel and embassies
  • Family members of foreign workers

This insurance may include 3 levels of coverage: standard, comfort and Premium. Beside the Core plan, there are three more options to choose: Out-patient care, Maternity& Childbirth, Dental care.

For all the details, please contact our experts who will be delighted to answer all your questions and provide the necessary clarifications

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