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Cruising, as a type of relaxation and travel, is often a way to spend a vacation. Today, cruises are more affordable and they attract equally the old and the young, couples, solo travellers, even the entire families. The more experienced travellers know that you shouldn’t leave the shore without a travel insurance policy. Why? Because the cruise travel insurance can protect you from many problems you may encounter during your voyage, such as:

  • In case the ship leaves the port without you (you may be late because your connecting flight was delayed). Your insurer can help you in a variety of ways: you can have your expenses reimbursed or receive assistance to get to the next port on time and catch your cruiser there.
  • If health issues occur during the cruise, you can count on getting the adequate assistance, even emergency medical evacuation, if necessary.

The other benefits of the cruise travel insurance include:

  • Lost/delayed baggage coverage,
  • Trip delay coverage,
  • Trip interruption coverage and more.

What should you pay attention to when studying a cruise insurance plan?

  • Generous emergency medical and emergency medical transportation coverage.
  • A broad range of covered reasons for trip cancellation/interruption. If you cancel for a reason that’s not covered, most cruise lines’ insurance plans will hand you cruise credits that are worth less than the amount of your trip.
  • Considerable coverage for the missed connection. If your flight is delayed and you miss your cruiser, it may cost you quite a lot to catch up with the ship.

In addition to the reasons listed above, as a form of protection of travellers and of the investments into the travel, the travel insurance is often mandatory for many destinations. We recommend it anyway because the additional expense is insignificant compared to other costs you will incur during your trip, and in case of sudden problems, your insurer of choice will help you overcome any the difficulties you may encounter.

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