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When you’re planning your business trip or working holiday abroad there’s plenty to think about. From setting up your itinerary to planning meetings, organizing lunches and dinners not to mention ensuring those all-important reports and notes are ready to go. It’s easy to forget the most important thing of all, business travel insurance – it should be top of the list for you or your PA to arrange. Unfortunately in today’s day and age it is vital you are covered for any inconveniences, both large and small – whether it’s lost of luggage or a medical emergency; you must make sure you are sufficiently covered for any eventuality.

You should make sure you have sufficient insurance coverage for travel – many European governments insist on a certain level of coverage for any trip, regardless if for business or holiday purposes. If you have applied for your Schengen visa for easy travel between one of the 25 European countries in the zone, at Evasan we can provide you with the right business travel insurance, which you will need in order to obtain the visa.

Perhaps you are living abroad as part of your working life in which case you will need “EXPATLINE” as expatriate health insurance. This is important because coverage will include hospital benefits in the case of inpatient treatments, day care in semi-private and private rooms as well assistance coverage including medical evacuation, repatriation and assistance across the world. An option for treatments during pregnancy and dental coverage are available as well.

Consult with your travel insurer or speak to us – we are happy to help you. It’s no surprise that we insure millions of people worldwide because we are renowned for our insurance expertise.

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