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Travel insurance is made for individuals who are traveling outside of their home country for business or pleasure. We are usually wondering what could go wrong during a business trip or a peaceful holiday. In fact, the list is much longer than most would assume. An accidental injury, stolen valuables, trip delays or lost luggage are just some of the risks you could face abroad.

Avoid unnecessary expenses

What is more important in life than your health? Buying travel insurance is an expense you will barely notice and it can make a big difference. Unpleasant accidents and injuries can happen anywhere, and if you aren’t insured (adequately protected) the healthcare costs can be staggering. If you are going to travel out of the country, whatever travel insurance plan you choose, it’ll definitely be cheaper than hitting the road without it.

Hassle free purchase

Nowadays you can purchase your travel insurance plan online, it’s a rather easy and fast process.

What does travel insurance usually cover?

Depending on the plan you choose, travel insurance usually covers medical expenses, hospitalization, evacuations, cancellations, repatriation, disappearance and theft of luggage, sudden cancellation of the arrangement, etc.

Common coverage limitations

  • Treatment of a pre-existing health condition as well as the consequences or complications
  • Psychical, psychological or psychiatric illnesses, as well as their symptoms and consequences
  • Operations of an aesthetic nature
  • Costs related to implants, prosthetics, apparatus and optical devices (glasses, contact lenses, etc.)

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