Student Travel Safe Insurance

Student Travel Safe is ideal for students who are participating in exchange programs, attending language camps or doing an internship in another country.

Currently, Student Travel Safe is the most affordable student travel health insurance plan on the market.

Our insurance plan includes hospital, physician, and other services for emergency treatment of an injury or illness. The plan also includes complete assistance coverage and repatriation to your home country, lost baggage, missed flights, theft and other emergencies.

In case of an emergency you can contact as anytime, as our emergency assistance service is available 24/7/365.

Take a look at the sections below to learn more about Student Travel Safe insurance plan or click the red tab and fill out the application form right away.

Worldwide coverage

If you are looking for a student travel insurance plan that offers worldwide coverage, Student Travel Safe insurance plan is the right choice for you. Our plan offers you worldwide coverage for all your trips all year long.

Emergency Medical Evacuation

If the insured suffers from a medical emergency, Evasan will take care of the evacuation to the nearest medical facility capable of providing necessary treatment.

Luggage Loss and Theft

In the event of theft or loss, the insured party will be compensated up to the amount indicated in the policy.

Trip Cancellation

Evasan will refund the insured party, if the insured has to cancel the trip for a covered reason outlined in the Insurance Coverage Conditions.

INSURANCE CONDITIONS Maximum amount of compensation and deductibles (CHF) per insured party per year
Useful information Actual cost
Due to an accident or death Up to CHF 10'000.-/ per person and CHF 40'000.-/ per event
In the event of illness and all other justified causes
Up to CHF 5'000.-/ per person and CHF 20'000.-/ per event
min. 10 % of compensation – min. CHF 100 / per person
Medical evacuation and medical repatriation CHF 250'000.- *
Medical costs abroad
Dental emergency
CHF 100'000.- **
CHF 450.-
CHF 25.-
Search and rescue fees for sea and mountains CHF 20'000.-
Medical support Actual cost
Remote medical advice Actual cost
Advice from local specialist doctors Actual cost
Medicine supply Actual cost
Provision of a plane ticket for the next of kin of the insured party Return ticket +Taxi
Travel for next of kin in the event of hospitalisation (greater than 7 days) Return ticket + CHF 150.-/ per night (Maximum 7 days)
Repatriation of human remains + Fees for first preservation CHF 15'000.-
Funeral costs CHF 5'000.-
Repatriation of the rest of the insured party or of accompanying person 2 Return tickets +Taxi
Extending stay (after the planned return date) CHF 150.-/ per night (Max.3 days)
Early return in the event of hospitalisation or death of a family member
In the event of an attack
In the event of professional replacement
Return ticket
Return ticket
Return ticket
Accompaniment for insured minors Return ticket
School trip interruption Pro rata CHF 5'000.-/per person
With a limit of CHF 20 000.- per event
Plane delay
CHF 250.- /per person and maximum CHF 1'000.-per event
Envoi de messages urgents Actual cost
Delay in luggage delivery
CHF 500.-/ per person
Theft, breakage, loss during transit by the transport provider
  • Maximum per item
    • High value items, total sum
    • Personal money
    • in cash
    • in cash, less than 16 years old

CHF 2'000.-/ per person
CHF 75.-
CHF 250.-
CHF 500.-
CHF 250.-
CHF 100.-

The coverage as above (excluding cancellation) are applicable only during the duration of the corresponding services during the effective duration of the trip, with a maximum of 92 days from the departure date.

The phrase 'All other justified causes' refers exclusively to cancellation insurance.
* with an aggregated maximum limit of CHF 1'000'000.- per year.
** with an aggregated maximum limit of CHF 200'000.- per year.
*** with an aggregated maximum limit of CHF 5'000.- per year, of which CHF 1'000.- for valuable items.

24/7 Emergency Assistance

Evasan's 24/7 assistance service can help you with medical emergencies in case of a sudden illness or accident.

Our intervention and emergency assistance service is available 24 hours a day, every day of the year for the insured party.

Coverage start date and time

The insured period takes effect from 0:00h on the day following the date that EVASAN (or the person who received permission from EVASAN for this purpose) receives the full payment due and will end at midnight 12:00 PM on the date at the end of the contract.

The validity of Student Travel Safe insurance contract

The period of validity for all the coverages corresponds to the travel dates indicated on the bill, with a maximum duration of 365 consecutive days. Note that if the total trips exceed 92 consecutive days for the subscription, the insured will no longer be covered from the 93rd day.

Age egibility

Our student travel insurance plan is available to persons aged 7 to 45 years.

Online payment

We offer a convenient ways of online payment. Our secure online payment system supports: Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, PostFinance


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