Expat Health Insurance - Expatline

Living the expat life is an exciting and challenging adventure. Finding the right health insurance policy to cover your life abroad shouldn't be one of those adventures.
With the Expatline insurance policy, you'll have a personalized, affordable, and comprehensive health insurance policy that gives you full coverage in case of emergency medical needs.

And with the 5 minute application process, you can quickly get started on the affordable health insurance policy that you deserve.

The Expatline insurance policy gives you 3 different plan levels. All 3 plans come with a 10% discount for families, and include the core coverage of hospital visits and repatriation.
Expatline also comes with 3 extra options for outpatient care, maternity costs, and dental coverage.

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Healthcare costs reimbursed up to 100%

3 levels of coverage
  • Standard
  • Comfort
  • Premium
A core plan + 3 options
  • Option Out-patient care
  • Option Maternity care
  • Option Dental care
Table of benefits

You will find below the table of benefits and an overview of our 3 EXPATRIATE plans.

A family discount of up to 10% is included in the premiums.
Swisscare EXPATLINE is particularly attractive for individuals and their families living abroad.

Expatline plans are available in USD / EUR / CHF
Open All Standard Comfort Premium
Insurance sum 500.000 1.500.000 2.000.000
  • Core plan
    Inpatient & daycare
    Accommodation Semi-private Private room Private room
    Intensive care
    Inpatient emergency room
    Inpatient Diagnostics
    Inpatient prescribed medication
    Physicians & Specialists
    Surgeons & Anesthetics
    Surgical appliances
    Cancer treatment, Radiotherapy, Chemotherapy & Oncology
    Organ Transplant
    Accommodation costs for one parent staying in hospital with an insured child under 18
    Home nursing following Inpatient treatment 8.000 13.000 18.000
    Rehabilitation/Convalescence (Physiotherapy is considered to be part of Rehabilitation) 8.000 13.000 18.000
    Inpatient mental care, psychological/psychiatric treatment if directly related to inpatient treatment 8.000 13.000 18.000
    Prescribed medical aids 100% of the costs up to 6.000 100% of the costs up to 10.000 100% of the costs up to 15.000
    Eye surgery - related to illnesses or accidents
    Prescription glasses & contact lenses (6 month waiting period) 100% of the costs up to 150 100% of the costs up to 300 100% of the costs up to 400
    Preventive care & checkups
    Child preventive care 100% of the costs up to 200 100% of the costs up to 400 100% of the costs up to 600
    Child vaccination and immunization
    Child check-ups 100% of the costs up to 300 100% of the costs up to 500 100% of the costs up to 700
    Adult preventive care 100% of the costs up to 300 100% of the costs up to 600 100% of the costs up to 900
    Adult vaccination and immunization
    Adult check-ups 100% of the costs up to 500 100% of the costs up to 800 100% of the costs up to 1.200
    Chronic diseases and pre-existing conditions with full medical underwriting
    Chronic diseases annual maximum 3.000 5.000 8.000
    Pre-existing conditions annual maximum 3.000 5.000 8.000
    Pre-existing conditions and chronic conditions lifetime maximum 30.000 50.000 80.000
    Emergency & assistance services included included included
    Search and rescue 10.000 15.000 20.000
    Medical repatriation 100.000 100.000 100.000
    Repatriation of mortal remains 10.000 15.000 20.000
    Transport by land, sea and air
    Travel expenses to home country for childbirth 50% 50% 80%
    Compassionate travel & accommodation expenses (where the insured will visit family member) 2.000 3.000 5.000
    Family emergency travel (family member will visit the insured) 2.000 3.000 5.000
    Personal accident coverage 30.000 50.000 80.000
    24/7 alarm center included included included
  • Option 1: Outpatient care
    Surgery / Treatment
    Emergency outpatient treatment
    Physician & specialist costs
    X-ray, laboratory tests & treatment
    Prescribed medication
    Physiotherapy, Logopedics and Orthopedics 100% max. 20 sessions 100% max. 25 sessions 100% max. 30 sessions
    Alternative medicine, chiropractic treatment, osteopathy, homeopathy, Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture 100% of the costs up to 500 100% of the costs up to 1.000 100% of the costs up to 1.500
    HIV/AIDS coverage lifetime maximum coverage for in/outpatient 20.000 25.000 30.000
    Mental care
    Mental health services 100% of the costs up to 8.000 100% of the costs up to 12.000 100% of the costs up to 16.000
    Mental illness outpatient annual maximum 15 visits 15 visits 15 visits
    Mental illness outpatient lifetime maximum 80 visits 80 visits 80 visits
  • Option 2: Maternity & Childbirth (Waiting period 12 months)
    Normal pregnancy and delivery (incl. newborn benefits) Not available 15.000 20.000
    Complicated pregnancy and delivery (incl. newborn benefits) Not available 10.000 15.000
  • Option 3: Dental care
    Annual maximum sum 500 3.000 8.000
    Dental treatment - simple filling
    1 check-up
    Teeth extraction + root canal treatment 50% 80% 100%
    Periodontics (Waiting period 6 months) 50% 80%
    Orthodontic treatment and dental prostheses (Waiting period 6 months) Not available 50% 80%

For individuals and families

The international health insurance EXPATLINE has been developed and designed for individuals who stay outside their home country for a minimum period of one year such as :

  • Employees on overseas assignments
  • Managers and executives
  • Employees of counsel and embassies
  • Family members of foreign workers
Entry age

Anyone aged between 18 and 69.
From 70 years old onwards, the health and accident coverage will apply only in cases of emergency.

Minimum duration

The contract can be subscribed for a minimum of one year.
It will be renewed tacitly at the end of the contract year for an additional year.

What is an expatriate

An expatriate is a person who stays more than a year outside his home country (as nationality on the passport).

The home country is also included in the coverage. Upon request the insured can therefore also be treated in his home country.

Insurance premium

The insurance premium shall be paid in advance by bank transfer or credit card, the following currencies are accepted:
The premiums must be paid in full. Any bank transfer fees will be borne by the applicant. Credit card payment can avoid extra charges.

Termination / Coverage Suspension

The insurance contract can be terminated under consideration of the applicable termination delay at the end of the contract period.

In case of non-payment of the premium, coverage ceases at the beginning of the period covered by the payment. The payment delay for the insurance premium is 45 days.


General informations

  • Contract period

    The minimum duration of the contract is one year. It will be automatically (tacitly) renewed every year.

    The insured will receive the invoice two months in advance. The invoice can be paid by credit card or by bank transfer.

    The insured will receive a link that enables the payment of the premium directly by credit card or by bank transfer.

  • Membership card

    The membership card has a credit card format. It includes the following elements:

    • Name and surname of the insured
    • Insurance number
    • Validation period
    • Helpline and emergency number
  • Insurance policy

    After the application process and the premium payment the insured will receive a "Welcome Package" including the following documents:

    • The insurance policy
    • Table of benefits
    • The general insurance conditions
    • The claim form
    • The insurance card

    The insurance policy is the official insurance certificate, signed by those responsible at Swisscare.

  • Entry age

    Individuals can join after having reached the age of 18. Younger individuals can only obtain coverage through their parents / adults responsible for them.

    Obtaining this insurance is only possible until the age of 69.

  • Core plan

    The core plan includes benefits and services in case of a hospital admission as well as assistance benefits.

    The core plan must be bought in order to be able to take out any of the 3 available options.

  • The 3 options

    Option 1 : Outpatient care
    Out-patient treatment is any treatment (excluding dental and maternity treatment) that does not require an overnight stay at a hospital.

    (Outpatient care post hospitalization is included in the core plan coverage.)

    Option 2 : Maternity care
    Maternity benefits includes pregnancy, childbirth and neonatal care. These benefits are subject to a waiting period of 12 months.

    Option 3 : Dental care
    Dental benefits includes conventional dental treatment and orthodontics.

  • Who can apply for this plan

    All persons living, working or studying outside of the home country can be insured under this plan if the duration of the stay abroad is more than 1 year.

    Read the special conditions for Switzerland and the USA mentioned in the FAQ’s.

  • Is this plan also valid in Switzerland?

    Switzerland has a strong established universal health insurance. This is the Swiss National Health Insurance Scheme KVG-LAMal and is mandatory except the persons listed here under.

    You do not have to take out insurance:

    - If you are a Swiss citizen or national of an EU/EFTA state and live in Switzerland but work in an EU/EFTA member state or receive your pension only from an EU/EFTA state;

    - If you are an EU/EFTA member state national or Swiss national and have been sent from an EU/EFTA member state to Switzerland for a period of up to 24 months;

    - If you are member of a diplomatic or consular mission or are employed by an international organization which enjoys privileges under international law.

    The following are exempted on request:

    - People who are required to have health insurance under the law of a country with which no agreement has been concluded concerning limitation of the obligation to obtain insurance, insofar as liability to Swiss insurance would impose a double burden;

    - People staying in Switzerland for purposes of basic or advanced training, such as students, pupils and trainees, and family members accompanying them;

    - Employees seconded to Switzerland who are exempted from liability to pay Swiss old-age and surviving dependents/disability insurance (AHV/IV) contributions under an international social security agreement, together with family members accompanying them;

    - People residing in a member state of the EU, insofar as they may be exempted from the obligation to obtain insurance under the bilateral Agreement on Free Movement of Persons and Annex II thereto;

    - Holders of a residence permit for persons not pursuing an economic activity in accordance with the Agreement on Free Movement of Persons and the European Free Trade Agreement;

    - People for whom membership of a Swiss insurance scheme would entail a marked deterioration in insurance coverage or in reimbursement of expenses and who, on account of their age and/or state of health, could not obtain comparable supplementary insurance or could only do so on terms that would be difficult to accept; provided that, throughout the period for which the exemption is valid, they have equivalent insurance coverage for healthcare in Switzerland.

  • Is this plan also valid for USA?

    Person living permanently in the US or who are considered as tax resident according to the US IRS rules cannot take out the EXPATLINE plan.