Travel Insurance: Why Don't We All Buy It?


Let’s be honest, while dreaming about our next journey one of the last things we are considering is the travel insurance. Even if we are going to a business trip, the travel insurance policies are certainly not among our priorities. We have a long-awaited vacation all planned out, we thought of every single detail, so what's the worst that can happen and why do we even need a travel insurance at the first place?

Let’s check all the reasons, one by one.

You have arrived to an exotic island with beautiful nature and endless white sandy beaches. What can happen to you while getting into the warm, clear water? You might slip on the hedgehog, twist your wrist or a local mosquito might bite you. These are situations that take place on a daily basis. On isolated islands, a tribal shaman may provide you with the first aid, but you cannot reach urban settlements, and even if you could, you would not know where to go and ask for help.

All right, let’s say we wouldn’t risk traveling to an exotic destination. But what if you are planning to visit some a European capital, London for example? You are eating a nice dinner in a restaurant downtown, but all of the sudden you get an allergic reaction or unbearable toothache. In a metropolis, there are many health institutions where you can go and solve the problem. But if you are not covered by a health insurance policy, the bill will make you remember this trip as your worst nightmare. A banal accident can leave you penniless.

You must have heard or at least read about a situation when people cannot leave a country because of the huge amounts of money they owe for a sudden medical intervention.

Tired, but at the same time excited, you arrive to a long-awaited destination. And then, unexpectedly, you find out that your luggage has been lost. Without travel insurance, this unpleasant situation can turn into a disaster. And think about everything that can happen when traveling with children.

Unforeseen Circumstances

It is recommended to get your travel insurance before you go abroad, so that unforeseen circumstances do not spoil your precious moments.

Doesn’t matter whether you are a businessman, or a tourist, if you are on the road alone or with your family, travel insurance will keep you safe. Both you and your companions will be protected, but also the persons you accidentally hurt, and even your luggage. If you suddenly cancel the trip due to unforeseen circumstances, you will be repaid almost the entire amount of money invested.

Travel insurance refers to:

- Travel health insurance covering medical and transport costs in the event of a sudden illness or accident during your stay abroad

- Luggage insurance - compensation for damage to lost, damaged, destroyed or stolen items, including even the items you bought while traveling

- Travel cancellation due to unexpected circumstances

Then Why Do People Not Get Travel Insurance?

We hear about accidents that happen to people while traveling almost every day. Nevertheless, not everyone buys travel insurance. These are the most common reasons:

1. You think your health insurance covers the costs of medical treatment abroad

Unfortunately, you may find out that it is not so, too late, in a more difficult and expensive way.

2. There is not a way you could possibly cancel the trip that you were waiting for so long

Although no one thinks about a break up before the honeymoon or the death of a close relative day before a dream holiday ... it happens more often than you would think.

3. You trust a credit company commercial and you think that you are covered by a credit card when on a journey

As with any other advertisement, the most important information is hidden – that the coverage is limited and reserved for exclusive packages.

4. The tourist agency offered you some form of coverage

Yes, but they did not tell you that it would be very difficult to get a money refund, perhaps just another trip or some other destination.

5. You are an optimist

We will agree that this is a great life philosophy, but numerous travel horror stories witness that you cannot have everything under control.

And when things go wrong, it's necessary to have somebody on your side. When traveling, a travel insurance is certainly your best and most reliable friend.