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Are you about to book your holiday? Or perhaps you’re travelling abroad because you’re off on business. Whatever your reasons are, it’s paramount that you have the correct insurance in place to cover you for any unexpected circumstances. Check if you have any current insurance in place, you may think you have travel insurance coverage but often you are not covered for a large amount nor do you have ample protection for emergencies or other grave situations. It could be that you need additional individual insurance coverage, which can be bought for various purposes.

As an example, individual insurance can be purchased when applying for your Schengenvisa as you need to have sufficient medical insurance in place when you go through the process to obtain this type of visa. Also, you may need health insurance or assistance when you are travelling for short periods of time in certain foreign countries. Some countries have particular travel insurance requirement so make sure you have the right insurance in place before you embark on your journey.

We may be Swiss based but at Evasan Insurance we look after people and businesses around the globe – no matter where you are living or which part of the globe you are travelling to. The advantage of working with Evasan is the international focus on travel insurances, independent from locations or destinations.

Whatever your reasons for travelling are we have a wide network of excellent international partners and can organize everything you need for travel insurance as well as giving you 24/7 telephonic assistance. We are used to dealing with all nationalities and all requirements. That’s why; with 15 years of experience and millions of customers around the globe we are the travel insurers of choice for many embassies, consulates and international businesses.

It’s equals peace of mind to know you have quality travel insurance in place. Evasan is defined by three words: SOS, international and assistance. If the worst thing possible happens then you can rely on your Evasan to help you. Our multilingual alarmcenter is there for you and we will ensure your safe passage home with our repatriation coverage if necessary. We will organize prescriptions, medical advice, emergency medical assistance, hospitalization and much more.

Evasan’s insurance products include individual insurances, medical insurances, institutional insurances and business-to-business solutions such as insurances for brokers, tour operators, travel agents and more. Our products are tailored to your requirements and we offer invaluable assistance just at the end of a telephone so if you find yourself needing help during your trip, we can react immediately.

You’re always in safe hands travelling with Evasan.

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