Groupe Mutuel vs. Evasan Student Insurance 2024 – Comparative Table

Evasan vs. Groupe Mutuel: Unveiling the Best Student Insurance for Internationals in Switzerland

Studying is a period of life each student will remember fondly because of the many beautiful moments, but you will also not forget the many challenges—that’s for sure! That’s why it’s important to know what problems we can prevent ourselves from and in what ways.

Studying in Switzerland for every international student is an experience that somebody will remember in many ways – a new country, culture, new acquaintances, but also new rules. As one of the rules is that health insurance is mandatory for enrolled students, this is vital to take care of. It is necessary to understand better the importance of health insurance and what it covers so that students and their parents can be sure they have made a good decision.

To help you with this, we have compared two insurance companies that offer health insurance services for foreign students in Switzerland. Here, we will compare the characteristics of Evasan and Groupe Mutuel.

Overview of Evasan Student Insurance

Introducing Evasan

In Switzerland’s health insurance field, Evasan is undoubtedly a leader. This statement is supported by almost thirty years of dedicated work and more than a million clients from as many as 23 countries around the world. We are proud of cooperating with highly successful companies and individuals who have found our services helpful.

Our slogan – “Better safe than sorry.” Always.” emphasizes the importance of security and the feeling of knowing how safe we ​​are, regardless of the unforeseen circumstances that can happen every day. We offer our clients health insurance services tailored to their needs, and we are happy that we have international students in our client portfolio who have decided to study at universities in Switzerland.

 Key Features of Evasan’s Student Insurance

Health insurance for students coming to study in Switzerland is one of the services we offer.

For students, this is a way to ensure that expenses due to medical accidents or illnesses are covered. In addition, students know that they can contact us anytime for any information they need and that our service is available 24/7. Evasan is a reliable support that students and their parents can rely on, from routine examinations to emergency medical interventions – we will provide for. Given that our company’s headquarters are in Switzerland, apart from being constantly available for our client’s questions, we also offer support in those situations that require legal assistance. Our insurance plans generally enable a carefree and safe stay and study in Switzerland with more than favorable conditions.

Pricing and Packages Available

What do the available student health insurance options look like?

We have already mentioned that all students studying in Switzerland must have health insurance. The law regulates it, and it is mandatory. If you do not acquire a medical insurance plan in the first three months before moving to Switzerland, the country will assign you one—which can be more expensive.

Accordingly, independent selection is not just a choice but a more profitable and empowering one. It is essential to consider the conditions of all companies offering this type of service. Pay attention to all the stated conditions—which adverse events are covered, whether and how much is paid in the name of the premium, and how the payment dynamics look.

Our company offers two distinct insurance plans: Swiss Studies “Essential & Economic” and Swiss Studies “All in One Optima”.

Each plan has its unique features and benefits. Understanding the differences between the two will help you make a more informed decision about which plan is right for you. In both cases, we considered the students’ need to save money, so from our experience, the CHF 0 franchise plan is prevalent among students. That means our clients can skip paying for everything in case of emergency interventions or medical treatment. With Evasan and the CHF 0 plan, there are no upfront costs – everything will be covered for you in case of an emergency, medical assistance, or hospitalization. Still, their medical expenses are covered at a minimum of CHF 300 to a maximum of CHF 1500 deductible. In addition to the CHF 0 franchise plan, Evasan offers an option where students pay a premium, and the coverage of potential damage also depends on the premium paid.

If you choose wisely – there is no space for worries.

Overview of Groupe Mutuel Student Insurance

What is Groupe Mutuel?

Groupe Mutuel is one of the famous insurance companies in Switzerland. Through its work and dedication, it has gained many clients. Likewise, this company provides complementary insurance program Academic Care to international students who have chosen to study in Switzerland.

Key Features of Groupe Mutuel’s Student Insurance

Pricing and Packages Offered

Regarding insurance plans for international students in Switzerland, Groupe Mutuel offers Compulsory health insurance (LAMaI/KVG) and Academic Care (LAMaI/KVG substitute), which falls under basic coverage. Likewise, supplemental insurance is another program available for students from this company.

Direct Comparison: Evasan vs. Groupe Mutuel

Coverage Scope: What Do They Offer?

International students in Switzerland should find the most optimal solution.

We advise carefully considering all conditions before deciding on an insurance company and a health insurance plan. Evasan and Group Mutuel offer the same coverage scope as KVG/LAMal, with specific distinguishing features.

The table below provides an overview of the premium difference between these companies based on the insured’s specific age group.

Check the differences!

INSURER Age 0 100 300 500 750 1.000 1.500
GROUPE MUTUEL 0-18 118 113 93
EVASAN 0-18 137 126 109 96 83 65 58
GROUPE MUTUEL 19 – 25  140  135 115
EVASAN 19 – 25 137 126 109 96 83 65 58
GROUPE MUTUEL 26 – 29 250  245 225
EVASAN 26 – 29 137 126 109 96 83 65 58
GROUPE MUTUEL 30 – 31  250  245 225
EVASAN 30 – 31 137 126 109 96 83 65 58
GROUPE MUTUEL 32 – 35  250  245 225
EVASAN 32 – 35 137 126 109 96 83 65 58
GROUPE MUTUEL 36 – 40  250 245 225
EVASAN 36 – 40 137 126 109 96 83 65 58
EVASAN 41 – 45 137 126 109 96 83 65 58


Pricing: Which Offers Better Value?

Moving to a foreign country means being prepared to face challenges, including financial ones. That is why we understand the need for parents to find a convenient solution that does not compromise students’ needs.

One of our primary business principles is paying attention to customer feedback. We recognize that Evasan’s CHF 0 Franchise plan is the most common choice among students. The answer is straightforward: the CHF 0 Franchise plan offers protection and security with no initial monetary outlay. This is an excellent opportunity to save money, but not at the expense of a sense of security and health insurance coverage.

User Experience: Ease of Claims and Customer Support

Evasan and Groupe Mutuel understand that accurate and precise information is essential to understanding what a health insurance plan for international students entails. Therefore, it is unsurprising that the websites of these companies were created to provide users with the most straightforward possible navigation and complete information. In addition to the site, services are also presented through social media, and users can contact them anytime for more information about what they are interested in.

Regarding Evasan’s health insurance, students can use mobile applications that are fully user-friendly and compatible with iOS or Android operating systems.

Duration and Validity of Coverage

When you decide to study in Switzerland, remember that each student’s insurance plan lasts one year. Each policy has specific limits regarding the maximum amount paid for certain services and covers certain services. Different health insurance plans imply different items, so detailed information about conditions and prices is indispensable if you want to feel safe as a student and know you are getting the best possible treatment.

User Testimonials and Experiences

Feedback from Evasan Users

Suppose you ask our students what they liked the most about using Evasan’s health insurance during their stay and education in Switzerland. In that case, they will mostly tell you the following:

  • It is affordable.
  • The coverage through the insurance plans is very high.
  • They always get an answer to their questions.

Clients’ feeling of security through our services is priceless, and knowing that they can turn to us at any time if the need arises makes them feel relaxed and worry-free.

Feedback from Evasan Users

Additional Benefits: Beyond Basic Coverage

Unique Offerings by Evasan 

As Switzerland does not have free healthcare, finding the perfect balance between coverage and price would be nice.

Evasan’s budget-friendly options are tailored for international students with enough expenses to live in a foreign country. For example, with the CHF 0 Franchise plan, we guarantee that you pay nothing extra other than the standardized monthly premium. Sounds great, right?!

Special Provisions or Coverage in Groupe Mutuel

Making Your Decision: Which Suits You Best?

Our advice is to double-check the conditions offered by insurance companies.

Although it does not necessarily have to involve a significant monetary expenditure, paying a premium for health insurance is still an expenditure for the budget. So pay attention to your needs and what is available on the market, and choose the best solution according to your preferences and budget.

Evasan Student Insurance

The Swiss healthcare system is one of the best in the world. As treatment services can be costly for everyone, especially international students, health insurance is an option that allows people to live without worrying about the cost of treatment.

As we are proud of our school system and as we are pleased with the growing number of young and talented people who decide to start or continue their education in our country – we felt an obligation to make the immigration period easier for students and to offer them options that will surely suit them. Evasan provides insurance plans tailored to make it easier for students and their families financially and provide them with security if there are any health problems or hospital treatment needs.


We protected and respect all our clients, but we’ll admit it – students are our favorites.

This text was created to compare two companies that offer similar services, showing what students and their parents must consider when choosing the most suitable insurance for them.

Evasan and Groupe Mutuel offer services with numerous benefits – both companies operate according to the highest standards, respecting all legal requirements; the marketing information is precise and reliable, and behind each company, there is customer support that is at the service of clients.

It’s just a question of your needs and what would suit you best.

If you trust us and become one of Evasan’s students, you are welcome here! We will do everything in our power to ensure that you are fully taken care of and can easily focus on your education and a brighter future in our country.


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