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At Evasan it is our responsibility to make sure you are well insured for your trip. With over 20 years of unrivalled experience in the travel field, we know what we’re talking about! In particular, we recommend you make sure you are covered for accidents and illness while abroad. Your travel insurance policy should include ample medical assistance if unfortunately you or one of your travel companions becomes unwell while on holiday or trip away from home. Check and triple check your travel insurance documents. Question whether they coverall your medical expenses when you travel.

Accident insurance is vital for all trips, not just those involving extreme sports such as diving or skiing for example. Who knows when an accident can happen so it is paramount that your policy covers all possible hazards and your cover is enough to ensure quality medical assistance to get you back to health. Don’t just trust your credit card either. Credit card travel insurance is no substitute for the real thing. Many people make the mistake of believing they have free cover with their credit card but normally this is a very limited personal accident insurance so do read the smallprint or speak to an advisor at Evasan to make sure you have all the cover you need for your trip.

Travel Accident insurance should cover you for accidental loss of life, hospitalisations, recuperation and emergency room visits as well as medical assistance not requiring hospital stays. It also ensures coverage for emergency medical situations. The Evasan travel insurance policies will make sure you are covered and give you extra peace of mind because we will give you 24 hour, 7 days a week contact with our acclaimed alarm centre where our operators are fully trained in dealing with guiding and supporting you through difficult emergency medical situations. This means you will get the right hospital for your emergency, the best doctor to deal with your case and of course, immediate emergency assistance.

Your insurance should also cover you for emergency evacuation too. This means if you or a loved one suffers an accident while abroad you are covered for transportation or “repatriation” to a hospital if there is none suitable locally. This includes air ambulance, regular flight or ground transportation depending on which is deemed necessary.

The travel insurance policies from Evasan will include suitable medical assistance dependent on the one you select for your specific needs. If you are planning on a mountainous trip for example, perhaps for skiing purposes you will want something which includes mountain search and rescue. Equally a trip to sunny climates, beach holiday or cruise will require sea search and rescue. Medical assistance includes medical advice, finding you the right specialist local to your area wherever you are in the world and arranging transportation in extreme cases. Our insurance will cover everything you need and saves time, money and hassle.

For more information you should speak to one of our professional advisor teams who will give you more information on what you need and keep the price competitively low yet still guaranteeing Evasan quality in travel insurance.

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